Revisionist #1 from AfterShock Comics: A Sci-Fi Punch To Your Mouth!

Time traveling, reality shifts and some badass sci-fi weaponry. Those are just the tip of the iceberg, of what we find in the first preview pages of AfterShock Comics upcoming breakout series, Revisionist. From writer FRANK J. BARBIERE , artist GARRY BROWN and colorist LAUREN AFFE comes a fun, fast-paced, action adventure mixed with elements of classics like TimeCop and The Matrix.

Martin Monroe has dedicated his life to protecting the lie that is everyone’s everyday reality. That fragile illusion created to manipulate fabrics of time and space, in order make people follow rule from unknown forces.

Monroe is a Revisionist and he is realities last hope in believing he is helping maintain a world from going into chaos. But Monroe has also paid a heavy price in choosing his sides. Now will he be able to live with his choice? Only he and his father with a lot of time on their hands, will be able to tell the truth. From AfterShock Comics.

Revisionist #1


Written by: Frank J. Barbiere
Art by: Garry Brown
Colored by: Lauren Affe
Cover by: Garry Brown

New series! How far would you go to save reality? Martin Monroe is The Revisionist—a time-traveling assassin tasked with repairing our fractured timeline. Forced to place his trust in his estranged father, Martin will have to overcome his troubled past to save the future—but can he live with his decisions?

Join the all-star creative team of writer FRANK J. BARBIERE (Five Ghosts, Avengers World), artist GARRY BROWN (Black Road, The Massive), and colorist LAUREN AFFE (The Paybacks, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter) for the first chapter of an all-new action/sci-fi adventure about fathers, sons,  and time travel!

Preview Pages:

Item Code: APR161167

In Shops: 6/1/2016


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