We Finally Get To Hear Negan’s Backstory From The Walking Dead

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Whether you read/collect the comic books or are a fan of the television show (or both), the foul mouthed, barbed wired bat swinging, baddie Negan is who everyone is talking about. Since Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s debut on The Walking Dead season finale made waves across the globe; one, for his long anticipated appearance and two, for the cliffhanger ending season six. Though recent to the hit AMC show, Negan has been around for nearly 50 issues in the comic book series. Surprisingly, up until this point we have never learned about Negan’s backstory… until now.

As part of Image+, a monthly previews catalog for Image Comics, The Walking Dead‘s Robert Kirkman and illustrator Charlie Adlard came together to outline the backstory of this intense and intriguing character.  The backstory will be spread out over 12 issues of Image+ at the rate of four pages per catalog.  Here’s a look at the first page from the 48-page story.

Negan page

Morgan said this week that he hopes Kirkman’s upcoming backstory on Negan in the comic series will intertwine with the current AMC series. “I talked to Robert Kirkman after we did Talking Dead, and he is doing the backstory of Negan right now. But whether or not — or when — we see that, and I hope we do, I can’t answer that. But hopefully we’ll find out more as we go,” he told THR during a conference call with reporters. “I approach [Negan] … like he used to be a used-car salesman. That’s what I know, and there’s not a lot beyond that. … He’s a car salesman who has survived as long as Rick and his gang, so what has he done to get there?

The premiere issue of Image+ will arrives in stores April 27.

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