C2E2 Family HQ was Great!

C2E2 Family HQ (10) (400x600)
As you approach the Family HQ you are greeted by Lego Statues

Reedpop did so many right at C2E2 this year that people will be singing their praises all year and holding them up as an example of a fantastic con. Way to go Reedpop!

C2E2 Family HQ (32) (400x600)
Rey is a little off to the side, but very cool
C2E2 Family HQ (33) (400x600)
The kids loved the BB-8 Lego Statue

Being a mom, who has brought her son to conventions for years, what impressed me was the Family HQ. A lot of conventions have a family or childrens area, even C2E2 has had one in the past, but they are typically big empty rooms, with minimal programming and not much to entertain the kids.

I realize they are basically an area where you can take your child to calm then down, relax and frequently feed them. The big problem with a lot of the family and childrens areas is that they isolate you from the rest of the convention. Frequently making the parents feels almost like pariahs.

That was not the case with C2E2 this year. The room was easy to find, big and bright with activities for the children and adults and right next to the cospitality suite so you still got to interact with the other cosplayers.

The Family HQ was sponsored by Yo-Kai Watch and Medieval Times and they did a fantastic job keeping it as part of the con.

The most popular area was the Lego tables. Where it was really only their own imagination that inhibited them. There were regular Legos for the older children and Duplos for the younger. The children could make vehicles which they then ran down ramps causing the vehicles to suffer a spectacular crash, resulting in an explosion of pieces that delighted most of them. There were also tables where the children could make Lego pictures on plaques and attach them to boards for everyone to see.

The programming in the room was great, Medieval Times had the knights doing interactive demonstrations with the children. There were also several art programs that I saw.

I’ve been doing C2E2 for several years and this was the best the Family HQ has ever been, and even before Sunday it had more children and families in it than I had ever seen before.

Well done Reedpop!