Project-Nerd Publishing Coming To C2E2! Learn More About This Great Indy Publisher

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This weekend is the annual C2E2 convention in Chicago, IL. PopCultHQ will be on hand and has even produced a write-up on all the important details for the event (must read!). One of the booths you need to find is that of indy publisher Project-Nerd Publishing. This great division of Project-Nerd is just under one year old and has already produced some titles and stories that are grabbing readers’ attention.

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Just who is Project-Nerd and Project-Nerd Publishing? The best way to describe them is from Project-Nerd themselves:

About Project-Nerd Publishing
Founded in 2015, Project-Nerd Publishing is Project-Nerd, LLC’s newest division offering original and independent comic books and geek literature. The division was founded with the intention to move the company from simply covering and reviewing comics and books to actually creating and publishing their own while maintaining a balanced focus on both fans and creators.

About Project-Nerd, LLC
Housing Project-Nerd, Project-Nerd Productions, the ProNerd Gear product line, Project Cosplay, and now Project-Nerd Publishing, Project-Nerd, LLC is a geek and entertainment company founded by Iggy Michniacki. The brand reaches millions of people through online entertainment, both shared and original, as well as in-person events and the company’s products. Project-Nerd’s focus includes cosplay, comics, movies, gaming, books, as well as everything and anything else geeky.

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Attending at this weekend’s C2E2 are Iggy Michniacki, Galo Gutierrez, and Bryan Timmins. Let’s get to know them!

IggyIggy Michniacki (Founder & CEO of Project-Nerd) founded Project-Nerd Publishing last year branching off from his highly successful geek and entertainment venture, Project-Nerd. Michniacki co-created Project-Nerd Publishing’s flagship title, Barrens, and is currently working on three more titles that will go into development in 2016. He is the acting CEO of Project-Nerd Publishing. Publishing comics has been a dream of his since he was 10, and now it’s a reality.

Iggy is immersed in the world of geek. From the statue covered shelves in his man-cave, to the collection of over 1,000 high definition movies, all the way to the the boxes of comics in his basement. He’s interested in video games, collectibles, sports, comics, and books, but his true geek love is movies.


GaloGalo Gutierrez (Manager of Acquisition) is responsible for bringing in talent for Project-Nerd Publishing’s diverse slate of creator owned titles including That Bulletproof Kid #1 and Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat #1. Gutierrez is a veteran of the independent comic business including working with other indy publishers in the past and co-owning a comic book store.

Galo’s title could simply read, “gets sh*t done.” The do it all man is in the lead on finding new projects and networking with other brands and creators to help us grow.


Bryan Timmins

Bryan Timmins is a comic book and commercial artist who co-created and draws Barrens as well as working behind the scenes on a secret title that will be loved by fans of an instant cult-classic feature from 2015.

You can follow Bryan on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo and his website.

Current titles from Project-Nerd Publishing:


When they need something taken care of without question, they hire The Barrens. And when the barrens are involved, Esme Ford is the only one you can trust.
Coming in 2016

Creator: C.W. Cooke, Iggy Michniacki, Bryan Timmins
Writer & Letterer: C.W. Cooke
Art & Colors: Bryan Timmins
Editor: Erin Michniacki
Coordinator: Jarrod Bridgeman

Blue Moon
Blue Moon

“Growing up is never easy, because it’s about making choices. Who you want to be, what to leave behind. But for Tim it’s an impossible choice. Because of  her. His best  friend. The only one who really knows, truly understands him. The one only he sees and hears. He can’t let go of her. And she won’t let him.”

Creator: Ben Gilboa
Writer: Ben Gilboa
Art: Ben Gilboa
Coordinator: Iggy Michniacki

Clock Puncher
Clock Puncher

Creator: CW Cooke, JD Arnold, Chris Fenoglio
Writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Chris Fenoglio
Coordinator: Jarrod Bridgeman

That Bulletproof Kid

That Bulletproof Kid focuses on a school-aged sidekick who is entrusted with acts of heroism and must save the day while maintaining a social life.

Creator: Matt Kyme
Writer: Matt Kyme
Artist: Matt Kyme, Arthur Strickland
Editor: Marissa Bea
Coordinator: Don Winsor

Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat

Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat is a noir style comic that takes place in the dystopian future. Andrez Bergen put science fiction, noir, Australia and Japan into a literary hadron collider and Tobacco‐Stained Mountain Goat came out.

Creator: Andrez Bergen
Writer: Andrez Bergen
Artist: Andrez Bergen
Editor: Marissa Bea
Coordinator: Galo Gutierrez

PopCultHQ had the privilege last month to review one of the titles from Project-Nerd Publishing. Check out our review of Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat #1 by Andrez Bergen and see why it rated so high in our eyes.

PNP Cosplay

Cosplay More Your Thing?

Project-Nerd, LLC is also responsible for Denver’s first all cosplay convention, Project Cosplay. Project Cosplay is a 3-day all cosplay event centered around photo shoots, panels, workshops, and fun.

Project-Nerd will have The Portrait Dude as well as cosplayers Erin Lei and Sweets4aSweet on hand for coverage. The team is also hosting the cosplay competition at the official Reading Rocks! C2E2 After Party on Saturday Night. Here are more details regarding the after party:

We’re back! Last year’s Reading With Pictures fundraiser after C2E2 was one of our most successful events ever, helping us fund major initiatives like Comics Uniting Nations. So we’ve made this year even bigger and better by renting out the whole first floor at Reggies!

Are you ready to ROCK for a good cause? 4 geektastic bands will be joining us to jam on Saturday night after the convention closes. We’ve got lots of great stuff lined up for the night!

Band Lineup:
6 pm – Doors open
7 pm – Klingon Pop Warrior
8 pm – Diagon Alley
9 pm – Time Crash
10 pm – The Cell Phones
11 pm – COSPLAY CONTEST by Project-Nerd!

A $20 donation to Reading with Pictures gets you entry to the show, plus:
*Fabulous prizes raffled off all night between band sets!
**Entry to our cosplay contest with fabulous grand prizes!
***Complimentary Galaxy Hero IPA, the exclusive beer of C2E2, donated by Revolution Brewing!

Be sure to look for Project-Nerd Publishing at C2E2 and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and on their website.

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