Judge Dredd Spotted on the Set of GoTG2?

Last week it was reported by the Daily News that Sylvester Stallone had been seen in Atlanta, leaving a hotel with what appears to be a script in hand. This isn’t an unusual occurrence, but what made it news worthy was the fact that it was the same hotel that currently houses the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Stallone was then collected by the same car that usually picks up Chris Pratt and driven to the set.

LYNX/AKM-GSI – courtesy of NY Daily News

His appearance in the film is still technically a rumor, but at the moment, this rumor has top billing on the IMDB page.

This rumor is also being confirmed by OnLocationVacations who claims that a tipster has told them they have him on the set in a costume that looks a lot like Judge Dredd.

uniform comparisons

For some reason many of the news sites are saying that Stallone will be part of the Ravagers, but Judge Dredd is an officer of the law (“I am the Law!”) and has a military style uniform that would lead me to believe that he is portraying a military officer, perhaps part of Nova Corps.

nova corp uniforms

Being a Judge Dredd fan I instantly spotted a lot similarities in the uniforms.

judge dredd stallone

Maybe this time he will actually leave his helmet on? I just hope that he leaves the codpiece at home.