World Reveal Of Gameplay For Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Apeiron

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Just released is a 4-minute video showing the first look at Apeiron’s Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.  This first-person game features visually stunning locales, including a captivating Anchorhead on Tattooine. That place alone will bring back strong memories of the 1977 Star Wars (A New Hope).

SW2The game itself is still under heavy development. This isn’t a guy beta testing, or even alpha testing for that matter. This is considered pre-Alpha and be aware that this walkthrough may depict imagery which ultimately won’t appear the actual game upon release. On the same token, Some things could be added before the game is released. This video will at least give you a good feel on what to expect from gameplay and the environment in SWKOTR.

Here’s the first ever gameplay of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, courtesy of MrMattyPlays on You Tube…



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