PopCultHQ Review: American Families Need More “Fuller House”

A show full of nostalgia for fans and a perfect example of giving hope to old fashion ideas on Netflix’s creator driven format of original series. Fuller House is the best new family show to appear in years!

The only ones who are not liking Fuller House seem to be “critics” who are either too cynical, jaded or just attention seekers wanting to troll the Internet with their opinions. This is clean wholesome show filled with fun for younger viewers, what’s so wrong with that? Is there too much cynicism in the world to not be able to enjoy some cheesy TV and not have to be so overly critical? No, because that does not draw in their followers into their click-bait laced headlines.

The non-trend setters don’t get it, but I surely do.

Fuller House
Fuller House

Episode highlights: The first episode is a cast reunion of the classic sitcom Full House show we older fans grew up with. While a whole lot of viewers have only given this first episode of Fuller House a watch due to curiosity; the true fans of the characters have continued to enjoy the rest of season by streaming the entire run of shows in binges. Returning all the original cast-mates (except for the Olsen twins of course), we get a host of nostalgic one-liners while catching up with familiar old faces that will make cameos throughout this seasons. John StamosDave CoulierLori Loughlin, and Bob Saget reunite in the house where it all began in 1987.

showcasing intros of the new bright young cast, the stars of the future is today’s next generation of Fuller House kids. Michael Campion “Jackson” and Elias Harger “Max” who are DJ’s boys will need to grow on you, but they are very well-trained child actors. The real breakout is Soni Bringas “Ramona” who plays Kimmy Gibbler’s half-Latin child. She, I predict is going to be a huge cross-over multi-language star. Playing the part of trouble magnet kids, these young actors are just too cute. And in riding that fine line of seeming like brats or cognitively progressive thinking young adults. Great role-models for growing young kids, wouldn’t you think so?

Candace Cameron Bure “DJ” shows that she is still a prolifically seasoned comedic TV actress, Jodie Sweetin “Steph” still has that sitcom perfect timing and go-for-it all acting attitude. Andrea Barber “Kimmy” is still her crazy character is almost the same from 25 years ago; Andrea is so commented to the goofy jokes, that she’s perfect.

The bonus brilliance to the show is the guest celebs that have already lent a hand to the Fuller House first season: trendy stars like dancers from Dancing with the Stars, Macy Gray and Sasha Jackson

fuller house kimmy-dj-stephanie-

No, Fuller House is not meant for all audiences, especially ones who don’t like to just relax and enjoy boob-tube (pun fully intended) as a family. Even with the few adult jokes that never would have been found in Full House, it’s still tamer than what you find on the raunchy TV humor on primetime. This is TV that just makes you smile and appreciate how cute and wholesome it is. When an episode ends, you really just want to keep watching more.

There will be plenty more as season 2 has already been announced.

Coming from a proven critic (myself) that constantly finds hit show after hit show, Fuller House is not just a success, it’s a runaway SMASH HIT!! It’s a great blended mix of classic sitcoms, humor found in a Disney kids show, adult humor to keep the moms and dads chuckling from time to time and Steph’s boobs for the late-nite after hours watchers!!

Fuller House is the show that American families need more of!

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***
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