NWI Comic-Con Happening This Weekend

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The NWI Comic-Con is happening this weekend, so join PopcultHQ as we check it out.

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For the third year in a row Schererville, IN will be home to the NWI Comic-Con. Each year this convention has gotten larger and better, with this year expected to be no exception.

Comic conventions aren’t just for geeks anymore and at $8 a head this event makes a great excursion for the family. Whether you are an art lover, a comic fan, toy collector or just a people watcher, there is something for everyone.

The NWI Comic Con was founded by Brian and Kelly Grabinski as a local alternative to the big Chicago and Indianapolis conventions. They wanted something relatively local that wouldn’t cost people an arm and a leg.

A recent interview with nwi.com sums it up perfectly, “On average the larger shows can cost you $20 for admission, $20 to park and potentially $20 for food from the on-site vendors. If you just paid $60 to get in the door, park your car and eat some lunch, then how much do you have left over to spend on comics, collectibles and artwork?”

That is something I have been saying for years. After paying a fortune, just to get to the convention you consider yourself lucky if you walk away with a $5 piece to remember it by.

This convention isn’t small at all, check out their floorplan.


Popculthq.com will be there this weekend at the Halls of St. George, 905 E Joliet St, Schererville, IN 4637. Come on out.