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Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza Almost Never Got A Deadpool Movie Credit

by Manny Popoca
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For those that are in ‘the-know’ when it comes to comic books, many of us die-hard geeks are already aware of the names Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. Fabian and Liefeld (and some smartasses say Slade Wilson was too) were very instrumental in the creation of the ultimate assassin we know today by the name Deadpool.

imageNicieza, already a very well-known creative writer at Marvel who joined with artist Rob Liefeld in 1991, with the co-plotting and writing the final three issues of the New Mutants. While working together on the Marvel title New Mutants, it began growing in popularity in their helm. Rob was all about making comics bold, explosive and COOL! He redesigned the entire teams looks, added a ton of edginess with his brash style and introduced some lasting characters in the process with his writing partner. First introducing Cable, the time traveling mutant who becomes a mentor for the New Mutants and the future X-Force team. Next came Cable’s main antagonist Dead-Pool, where Liefeld made this hard looking creature, standing tall in his blood-red spandex, katana blades, a Rambo knife and a smoldering gun, Right on the cover of New Mutants issue #98, we first seen that tall drink of sexy looking, bad-motherf***er of a bad guy!

That’s right I said……….sexy!

No, I meant to say, BAD GUY! Yes, Dead-Pool was originally and must always have been meant to be an ass-kicking, take no names, screw that hero crap, shoot first, slice and dice killing machine, type of VILLAIN!! An instant hit that has lasted the test of time and has only grown in popularity, thanks in large part to the writers who came after and made The Marc with a Mouth a comic book fan-favorite staple, with his new outlandish humor and his sparse heroics.


So you would think that 20th Century Fox studios would be all over giving credit where proper credit is due.

Well, this IS the same studio that made the first Deadpool in X-Men: Wolverine Origin Into a no mask wearing mute freak, with blades coming out his arms, has teleportation powers, and shoots fricken laser beams coming out of his eyes. A total debacle and mess to their character Deadpool who could have been a sensation hit franchise back than if they would have just listened to Rob, to give him his red mask!


But as Rob explained it on his Facebook account, in a not so funny story, even Fox studio heads just don’t get it. Sure there’s a flying cup that says Rob L. on it, and Fabian’s name on a freeway road sign, but come on man, that’s it?!!  Good thing comic book-loving director Tim Miller (The overpaid duchebag) does get it.


When studio heads neglected to make sure proper credits were given to the two men who help create the bazillion dollar franchise they now own. Miller got it done. It’s just a small part of the film but still a large part of the process of how the “machine” overlooks the vital parts that make it run in the first place. A learning process still for all creators who want to get involved with the “machine”.


Courtesy of Rob Liefeld:

Sooooooo many of you have been very nice and concerned asking over these months wether I would receive a credit on the Deadpool film. I can tell you the answer is an unequivocal YES. But that’s the simple version, the how and the why is where the story got interesting.

Weeks ago, middle of December, I saw a cut of the film and there were no creator credits. I immediately contacted someone at Fox and very politely asked if myself and Fabian Nicieza could receive a based on a comic characters or created by credit. After being passed through different channels I reached out to the director, Tim Miller and he said he would handle it and he was a man of his word and a stand up guy and added a shout out for myself and Fabian at the end of the credit listings.

Let’s not kid ourselves, the studios are giant monolithic machines with hundreds of moving parts and their priorities are not always in line with comic book guys. And they likely never will be. Their priority is making and promoting a film. And that film has a thousand moving parts. But I thought it was important for the families to see their Dad’s with a credit and now they will and I know Tim was the influencer that pushed it through and honored my request. I sent the exchanges back and forth as it was happening to Mr. Nicieza so he would know.

After the fact I was enlightened as to how many comic films don’t even mention the creators in any capacity and as I said, it’s a small tag at the end, but it matters. It’s part of the film. Both Fabian and I participated in documentary footage  that will be part of the DVD. Tim Miller is a comic book guy, he has a vast comic book collection and is a genuine fan of the medium. I learned this up close and personal over the last 6 years.

I’m not writing this to instigate a “Hey, they should give you guys priority.” Save it. Please don’t share that. Don’t bother. We are still in the infancy of comic book films taking over and every little step matters. In the real world if you want to participate in one of these giant productions, you have to jump on the train as it leaves the station! I made some great connections with Fox execs in San Diego comic con this year. Still hustling after all these years! Got to!

Enjoy the film as it rolls out this week. You would never ever suspect that Tim Miller is making his first film. It is as accomplished as the work of a seasoned vet! DEADPOOL!!

– Rob Liefeld


Next to come in Deadpool 2…….CABLE!

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