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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere Gives Fans the Best Shocker Yet!

by Manny Popoca
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No Way Out!

The Walking Dead’s season 6 premiere did not disappoint, in fact it far exceeded expectations from highly eager fans who have been waiting an excruciating six-weeks for its return.

We were promised by Norman Reedus weeks ago that this would be the most disturbing episode yet, and he did not lie! Andrew Lincoln and creator Robert Kirkman also warned fans that this would be one bloody show with major characters deaths. Again, it was not a lie. In one of the best all-time ever episodes.

Episode 609 “No Way Out” started out with a literal BANG during the first few minutes in the cold-open. The smaller group of Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are returning from being separated from the group all the way back in episode 603 “Thank You”, run into a gang of bikers from Negan’s group. When Daryl is taken to the back of their truck with one of the goons, Daryl takes him out and while everyone (even us the audience) are distracted by the biker leader and how he is going to kill or not kill Abraham and Sasha, Daryl puts an end to the mild disturbance with the rocket launcher Abraham found before the mid-season finale. Ka-Boom!!

“Nibble on that” Abraham tells the crispy remains of the bikers, as they smolder on the road.


Following The Walking Dead comic book series from writer and creator Robert Kirkman, episode 609: ‘No Way Out’ is practically ripped straight from the comics. Rick’s group who is covered in disgusting amounts of zombie guts and are trying to make their way through the hoard unnoticed, till Jessie’s son Sam goes into freak-mode when he cannot handle the horrific sights that lay before him. Of course in the comic books there is no Sam, only the older son Ron. In the AMC TV show we get both Ron and the younger Sam, something the show often does to stay a bit different from the comic book tales. When Sam sees a young boy around his age who has been turned into a walker, the fragile child breaks under the stress and pressure and begins to recall the fearful warning Carol gave the child about how they will eat him alive, and he begins to yell. That does not bode well for everyone, as the boy is immediately eaten by walkers. Jessie cannot move from the mortal shock of seeing her son eaten in front of her very eyes, that her screeches begin to attract zombies to her, and they begin to devour her as well. Since Jessie was holding onto Carl, her grip wont let him go and Rick Grimes has to do what he must to survive with Carl. Rick chops off the hand of Jessie as he has flashes of her face and bright images of red as he hacks and hacks away. Chopping off her arm, there was nothing else Rick could have done, but Ron does not see it that way and points a gun at Rick. Ron already having emotions of rage over Rick killing his father, that Ron IS about to shoot Rick in his traumatically fueled rage. That is when Michonne must take out Ron in order to protect Rick, but Ron manages to get a shot off.

In the most talked about scene from this weeks episode of The Walking Dead, comes from what happens from that faithful shot Ron was able to get off. As you can see below in the official AMC episode 609 video. It is something that has fans blowing up all social media as the show has done something from the comic books that no one ever expected to happen. Carl is shot in the side of the eye which rips it clear off his face!! We comic fans knew this was in the comics, but I personally never expected the show to be as brave and bold to actually do it on-screen.

The end of the episode is an action packed and emotional tug at viewers emotions as Glenn saves Maggie and Maggie saves Glenn with the return of Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. The towns people of Alexandria see Rick and his group of warriors stand their ground and they all come out of hiding to join in the most awesomely orchestrated zombie death-mosh-fest with flashes of everyone looking BADASS slaughtering away at the zombie horde. This group has no more fear and is more than capable in wiping out an entire army of walking dead.

Truly one of the best and most shocking episodes of TWD that we fans have had the pleasure to enjoy. Season 6 has been non-stop TV greatness that no one should be missing. Brilliant television.


Most Talked About Scene: Episode 609: The Walking Dead: No Way Out – While trying to escape the walker horde, a frightened Sam panics and the consequences are costly

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