Daytona2050 – The “Lemon” of Conventions? Part 2


So what went wrong with this convention? Everything!

  • Advertising was almost non-existent
  • Attendance was poor
  • Contractual obligations were not met
  • Checks bounced
  • Guests weren’t paid
  • Hotel wasn’t paid

All of this makes for a colossal disaster on it’s own.


Apparently the con organizers had a grand plan in their heads, a plan that probably would have been better carried out by a 10-year-old convention, rather than something that hadn’t even opened its doors yet.

According to one advertisement I found, 2050 was responsible for a lot of events on the same weekend.

2050 Film Festival-

The 2050 Event will be presenting six all-time classic movies at the Paragon 10 Theater across from The Ocean Center. We’re going to present a live commentary and Q&A after each movie with those who helped bring them to life. Watch JAWS with the screenwriter, Carl Gottlieb. Carl is just one of the incredible guests we are bringing to you over three amazing days of film festival overload. More guests and films will be announced soon!

2050 Comics, Creators and Collectibles-

2050 will be innovating on the concept of a Comic Convention by inviting Artist’s Alley vendors to compete in art challenges for prizes and equipment to further their craft. We will also be showcasing the stars and creators of today’s hottest new comics, movies and books in panels and autograph sessions. Finally, 2050 will be hosting vendors for toy, game and comic related merchandise.

2050 Gaming Tournaments, Demo Stations, Tech Exhibits-

At the 2015 / 2050 Convention, eSports will be featured as the lead attraction in the Ocean Center Arena. We will be teaming up with one of the largest eSport organizations in the world to host multiple events across the Oct 29th to Nov 1st term. 2050 will also feature demos of unreleased games and panels with game creators and famous YouTube / Twitch TV personalities. In addition we will be hosting technology exhibits such as Virtual Reality test stations and retro gaming attractions from the 8-64 bit eras!

2050 Mixers, Street Parties and Live Performances-

2050 will be host to some fantastic parties and group events. Our film, game and comic creators will start the event with a networking party on Oct. 29th. On October 30th Koralis Entertainment and The Zombie Kronicles will be hosting the “Dark Carnival”. This free, all ages city walk will feature live bands, performing artists, fire jugglers, Undead costume contests and more! After the Dark Carnival the party moves to the Gandview Live with DJ’s, the Dark Anime Cosplay contest and more in celebration of the 2050 Soundtrack Release!

Celebrate Halloween with us on the 31st at the Awaken with Force party. This massive Imperial Event will be hosted at the Historic Daytona Bandshell right beside the beach! Live music, Cosplay contests and interactive experiences await those who attend. Finally the dark side of the force will re-emerge at the Grandview Live for the Revenge of the Synth, Bandshell After Party. All of our parties will have VIP ticket options for exclusive activities.

With this many events going on they were as lucky to be as coordinated as they were.

As for money and attendance? Did they really expect to draw in crowds when they are competing with Halloween, haunted houses, countless costume parties, and Spooky Empire. Not to mention the fact that it was Daytona Beach which always have something going on.

Even among their own events they would have been spreading the audience pretty thin.

1958 Edsel Roundup (Front View)" by Josephew at en.wikipedia.
1958 Edsel Roundup (Front View)” by Josephew at en.wikipedia.

I think the 2050 convention was an Edsel, in that on opening day both utterly and completely flopped and then imploded. This was about as close to a new take on conventions as the Edsel was the car of the future.

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