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The Chess-Masters are a team of superheroes from the 25th century created by the government to combat evil forces and fight oppressiveness.  Though society has become more civilized, with no more wars, famine, illness, or racial hatred, the team was assembled for the handful of individuals set on world domination.  Each member, named after a chess piece, possesses powers (illusory spells, telepathic sonic emissions, etc.) some of which have yet to be fully revealed.  The team is transported through a rift in the space-time continuum back to the 21st century by the evil Pawn-Master and immediately face a threat from that timeline’s military and their secret weapon, a female operative with special powers.


We get introduced to the primary antagonist, and enemy of the Chess-Masters, the might Pawn-Master.  Possessing the combined power of his eight royal pawns, this character gives the impression that he is a formidable foe whose barely shown off all that which he is capable.

Seeing Marcelo Salaza and Geraldo Filho’s cover instantly got me excited about reviewing this book.  If there is some superhuman team taking on the military, then you know something’s up!  Bradley Golden and Gary McClendon’s writing lays the groundwork for what is certain to be a well-diverse and powerful team, all while getting the reader to grow curious as to some of the key players in this series…

  • I’m am left curious as to the mystery of Sinevil, an arch-nemesis of The Bishop thought to be defeated in the Chess-Masters 25th century timeline.  Why is The Bishop experiencing Sinevil’s presence if he had been overcome?  And how is he feeling his 25th century adversary now being four centuries back in time?
  • What more is there to be revealed about the Pawn-Master, his abilities, and the plans he has on the unsuspecting team?
  • Who is this mysterious super-powered woman the 21st century military has under their guidance that considers herself the army’s “savior?”
  • To what lengths will the military go in their attempt to eliminate the five strangers?
  • Can the Chess-Masters return to their time? If not, will the Pawn-Master be able to impose his will on the group from four centuries in the future?

I have to admit, I do like the subtle inclusion of the surnames of some of the creators of this series (Admiral Golden, Captain Salaza, Major Filho).  Given that so much was given in this premiere issue, and having lingering questions about the characters, I am anticipating the second issue to delve deeper into their development and create another layer of depth to the supporting cast.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 3.5 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 3.5 out of 5 stars ***


Here’s a look at the cast of Chess-Masters, artwork by Marcelo Salaza:

From Insane Comics:

In the 25th century, society has finally emerged as a civilized population.   No more wars, illness, hunger, or racial hatred.   However, the evil PAWN-MASTER has seen this as an opportunity to control the weak and has been using his eight royal pawns to wreak havoc throughout the city.   Conversely, the government has put together an extraordinary team of individuals known as THE CHESS-MASTERS to battle against this corruption and oppressiveness.

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