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The year: 3015.  The place: a planet known as Aqueous.  A world which is 98% water is inhabited by 325,000 different aquatic species, but generally falls under three races:

  • AQUAEOS – Light grey in complexion with sharp claws on their forearms. They rule the Southern Oceans.
  • AQUADAIS – Dark grey in complexion with sharp claws on their hands. They rule the Northern Oceans.
  • AQUAFEOS – Light pink in complexion and no defensive weapons. They rule the equator.

We see a territorial struggle between the Aquaeos and the Aquadais.  Princess Leelahs of the Aquaeos, under the protection of her loyal guardian Mivik, finds herself under attack from the northern Aquadais.  The royal bodyguard staves off the ambushing horde allowing his Princess to escape.

Mivik returns to the Royal Throne Hall of Aquaeo to inform King Suryaman and Queen Nereqi of the bold attack by their northern neighbors and his suspicions of a spy in their midst.  The king, knowing for sometime the true feelings of his daughter’s protector, gives the guardian his blessing when and if he should pursue the princess.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Oceans, Prince Dedeta of the Aquadais learns of his subjects failure at capturing the Southern princess and eliminating her bodyguard.  The infuriated ruler barks disdain for the messenger and incompetence by the ambushing squad.  Dedeta has some cruel intentions brewing.  He is hell-bent on overcoming his foes to the South and ruling planet Aqueous in its entirety.

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A day after the events, the “Court of the Currents” gathers in the equatorial realm of the Aquafeos, a race known to be neutral when dealing with feuds, and considered to be the wisest of the three aquatic races.  The Court meets to deliberate and address issues in efforts of preventing a war from breaking out.  The Aquaeos states the Aquadais attack on their princess to the “Senate of the Seas,” but without presenting any evidence to support their claim, the Aquafeos ruler dismisses the charges as hearsay.

Back on Aquaeos, we learn that two of the King’s advisers, whom are from Aquafeos, are behind the set-up and blown attack on the princess.  These two intend on covertly creating a war between the Northern and Southern Ocean races.  Prince Ghodee, brother of Leelahs, is informed of his father’s concern for his well-being, suspecting he may be the next target of an attack.  This gets the prince to leave the reefs to return to his capitol.  But with both Princess Leelas and Prince Ghodee secluded with the capitol, it leaves the reefs of Aquaeos unprotected from an invasion.

Creator and writer Kelly Bender gives Aqueous an impressive global setting of this foreign world.  The inhabitants of this land, their similarities and differences, the landscape, and the struggle for power, all have been exceptionally written and evokes great presence from the story’s characters.  The inevitable battle for supremacy and the infiltrators amongst the shadows leave the reader eager for the next issue.

PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars
*** PopCultHQ 4 out of 5 stars ***

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