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Marvel’s ”Jessica Jones” Season Two on Netflix Officially Announced!

by Manny Popoca
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To anyone well-versed in the Netflix side of the ”Marvel Cinematic Universe,” it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ”Jessica Jones” was met with as much – if not more – adulation as the Marvel series that preceded it, ”Daredevil.” If you’re one of many viewers clamouring for another season of the show, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that Netflix all but confirmed its renewal today.

That’s right, Netflix broke the news at the Television Critics Association press tour, with lead actress Krysten Ritter taking to social media to confirm the decision soon afterwards.


Despite this, Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos has gone on record saying that the release date for the next 13-episode season depends on whether their existing ”Defenders” scheduling goes according to plan or not. The news of Jessica Jones’ second season comes mere days after Netflix announced their plans for a ”Punisher” series in response to the character’s MCU debut in ”Daredevil” season two.

With all of this in mind, where can they take the superheroine-turned-PI now? Season one already tackled the climactic ”Purple” arc from the original Alias comics. How could they possibly top the intensity and intrigue of the first season? Worry not, true believers, for the showrunners have left us more than enough loose plot threads hanging for mass speculation until we get any further developments.

Whatever happened to the mysterious ”IGH?” Will we be seeing Will Simpson/”Nuke” again? Will Trish Walker don a superhero costume and become ”Hellcat?” More knowledgeable comic fans might be aware of the Purple Man’s (or ”Killgrave”, as he’s known in the show) healing factor; will David Tennant be returning to trouble our titular heroine? At this point, there’s no telling where the story could go next.


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