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PopCultHQ Comic Book Review – Awake #3

by Jason Bennett
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Awake #3 variant cover

Awake #3 – variant cover

PopCultHQ continues its review of the stellar sci-fi/fantasy series “Awake” from Action Lab Entertainment.  Susan Beneville (W) and Brian Hess (A) continue in their futuristic tale of a girl with the ability to wake, speak to, and heal planets.  Her current mission is to prevent Gremon, a planet amidst self-destruction, from destroying the entire world.  Gremon, a selfish and broodish planet, show little to no concern for the inhabitants of his world.


Awake b

It takes Regn, accompanied by her companions Operi and Bashi, to reveal to the hulking figure just what exactly his actions will produce in the future.  None of the imagery impacts Gremon until Regn shows him a father with his struggling, sickly daughter reaching the apex of a mountain so she can witness the true beauty of the world prior to Gremon’s .  The earthen mass finally has it sink in the devastation his leaving impacted the world and the dsytopian-like future where citizens live in fear of a world governed by Baron Korup.


Awake a



We learn that Regn has the ability to bend light in order to avoid detection.  Her photonic powers allow her to transport them anywhere in the world or the galaxy.  In this issue, we also witness Gen doing what she can to get Picar (Regn’s brother) to reveal his powers.



Awake c


A chasm opens in the ground, thanks to Gremon’s bellowing, and it takes Picar’s special abilities to save a young boy from plummeting to his certain demise.  Gen praises Picar and attempts to persuade the offworlder to use his ability for saving all the people of the land.  Meanwhile, we are privy to Gen’s side dealings with Gurk to haul this offworlder in to present to Korup for his feast day in efforts of avoiding any repercussions from the greedy baron.




PopCultHQ Rating:

PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars

*** PopCultHQ 4.5 out of 5 stars ***

Here’s a sneak peek at the first few pages of this epic story!

Follow the Awake series on their Facebook page or on Twitter (@awakecomic).   If you missed the first two issues, be sure to check out PopCultHQ’s review of Issue #1 and Issue #2.

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