2016 Consumer Electronics Show Preview – This Year’s Newest Gadgets


Tim Baxter, president and COO of Samsung Electronics America, speaks during a Samsung news conference at CES Press Day at CES International, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016, in Las Vegas.
Tim Baxter, president and COO of Samsung Electronics America, speaks during a Samsung news conference at CES Press Day at CES, Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off today in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Last night, the convention had its pre-show media event entitled CES Unveiled, where attendees could catch a glimpse and preview of some of the hot new technological products debuting this year.  PopCultHQ will be covering the event for the next four days to highlight some of the newest tech devices and gadgets that are being unveiled and which you can expect to see real soon.  Here are some of the highlights from the CES Unveiled pre-show…




The French-based firm Smart & Blue has developed a shower head set on helping you conserve water. A precious resource for sure, the Hydrao Smart Shower utilizes LEDs to curb your consumption.  Depending on the amount of water used, the LEDs will light up in one of three colors the more you consume.  It also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the mobile app, allowing you to monitor your water usage.  The shower head attaches like a normal one would so installation is a breeze.  They included a built-in turbine which generates the power needed to run the LEDs and maintain the connectivity via Bluetooth.  Feel free to check out their website, where pre-orders are currently underway.  Thanks to their design of the first ever smart shower head, Smart & Blue has been nominated for the CES Innovation Awards, which honors outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.  Watch for their Kickstarter later this year, with an expected release next year at likely $100.



We live in a world where connectivity to the internet is imperative.  Something I’m sure everyone can agree on is the need, or want, for faster speed.  Enter the G.Fast.  Israeli chipmaker Sckipio has developed a new technology that will offer Google Fiber-like speeds right over your phone line capable of downloads speeds of 750 MPS (megabytes per second).  That is 50 times the speed of broadband and this can all be done over your phone line!  This alternative to broadband and DSL enables your phone provider to deliver faster speeds than cable without the need to dig up current lines.   Look for this exciting, new tech later this year.



Artificial intelligence takes a leap forward in the form of a pet dog.  Meet CHiP.  Created by WowWee Robotics, CHiP is the “ultimate AI robotic dog” which will blow you away.  He simulates actions a real dog would: playing fetch, going to sleep, seeks attention, and gets hungry.  He has the capability to learn new tricks (such as sit, stay, come, roll over, fetch, go to bed, and more) and his enhanced agility allows for him to avoid obstacles.  Some of his many features and abilities include:

  • Speak: Communicates in woofs, growls, whines, and barks.
  • See: Beacon Sense technology helps in situational awareness.
  • Learn: Unlimited downloadable content through the app.
  • Feel: Capacitive touch sensors allow CHiP to feel pets and pats.
  • Fetch: 8 infrared LED sensors in the ball allow CHiP to locate and catch accurately.
  • Run: Four mecanum wheels help CHiP move quickly to catch a ball.
  • Sense: Accelerometer and gyroscopes tell CHiP when he is being picked up.
  • Connect: Bluetooth tech allows a smart connection to his accessories.

CHiP is available for the pre-order price of $159 with expected shipping this July.  Take a look at this video to see all of the features of this innovative AI pet.  This looks to be a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence.



The alarm clock. The necessary evil for those needing to start the day.  Companies have worked on developing a better alarm clock to help consumers ensure they not only wake on time, but in a way that is more pleasing to the ears early in the morning.  From clocks that move away from you after it goes off (making you have to get up to turn it off) to the Phillips Wake-Up light that delivers a sunrise-like effect, creators are ultimately seeking the best for your waking needs.  Enter Sensorwake.  With Sensorwake, the beeping days are over. Instead of annoying, ear-piercing sounds, you can awake with another of your senses… the sense of smell.  Imagine waking to the sweet smell of coffee, peppermint, chocolate, croissants, or each the ocean.  The Sensorwake uses interchangeable cartridges so you can change the scents as you please (each cartridge last 30 uses).  It even has a back up alarm just to be sure you never oversleep again.  Available in June for around $110, the Sensorwake can be pre-ordered now for only $89 through their website.

Cast TV


Genii has developed what is to be known as a remarkable, interactive social entertainment.  Imagine watching TV a home and watching with your friends from around the world.  A live stream on your TV or smartphone with live video feeds of your friends on the same screen. How about also allowing various user medias and chat sessions on the same screen?  Cast brings you this new interactive means interweaving video conferencing, media/entertainment sources (television, movies, gaming, etc.), and the people you wish to share with that cannot be there in person.  Cast offers a great number of features, including:

  • High Connectivity: Bluetooth, wi-fi, micro USB, and ethernet
  • Clear Sound: A mono-directional microphone to stream high quality sound
  • HD Video: HDMI input/output for multiple video display
  • Numerous Devices: Cast is compatible with microphones, webcams, smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, desktops, televisions, and more!

To see more about this dynamic interactive device, check out their website.


Stay with PopCultHQ as we continue to bring you all of the highlight and exciting new tech being offered in Las Vegas, NV during the 3-day conference.