#12DaysofDeadpool – Day 7…. and a bit extra

On the 8th day of Deadpool my true love? favorite merc? Gave to us a Christmas Letter, with the highlights of the last year which included a trip in a ‘borrowed’ car to Poughkeepsie for the first communion of a nephew he doesn’t have.

deadpool Christmas Letter

The interesting part of todays post is the twitter note beneath it by Ryan Reynolds that says we should join deadpoolcore.com.

ryan reynolds twitter day 7
I went to the site, where they encourage you to sign up

deadpoolcore day 7 sign up

and got this after sign up

deadpoolcore day 7A few minutes later, this showed up in my email

dp-email_ss_6.jpeg_02I was so excited to click on the link, but unfortunately all I got was the old trailer

Lets see what day 8 has in store for us.