Help Find SUV Driver That Killed 76-Year-Old – *UPDATED*

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carole and carroll

December is supposed to be a time for family and joy, unfortunately this month won’t be so joyful for a well known member of Chicago’s geek community.

Carole Brown is known by many of us for the numerous panels she participates in. Her most recent string of panels for Chicago Tardis included the difference between a cosplay and a masquerade costume, prop building, staying in character, and a review of the Torchwood Audios. She is a strong advocate for cosplay is not consent and cosplay is for all. Carole is also known to many as part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Carole has also been indispensable to many and is always willing to lend a hand. On top of that she takes fabulous photos.

carole and carroll1

On Friday at 8:20 Caroles father, Carroll Brown, was struck by an SUV. The 76-year old had parked his car and was crossing at the intersection of Central and Ainslie on the North West side of Chicago when he was struck. The vehicle is described as a light-colored SUV that was traveling south on Central at a high rate of speed. The SUV did not have it’s headlights on and did not stop after the impact.

Carroll was rushed to the hospital and unfortunately doctors were unable to stabilize him for surgery. He tragically passed away on Sunday at 1:30 am.


Carroll Brown was 6-feet-2-inches and weighed over 200 pounds, which means that the SUV more than likely has new damage on the front end. If you see a light colored SUV in the Chicago area with front end damage that was likely acquired this weekend, please let Chicago Police know. If you have any information on this accident please call detectives at 312-747-8263.


An online fundraiser has been established to help pay for the funeral and medical expenses of Carroll Brown, as of this writing it had raised $2,800.

Update: 12/14/15

Police have released a photo of the SUV and believe it to be a Buick Enclave with extensive damage to its front side as well as a broken windshield. We ask that anyone with any information on this please call the Chicago Police

carroll brown