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Insane Comics Announces its Newest Title: ‘Planet Zero’ Coming Spring 2016!

by Manny Popoca
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Insane Comics has a huge announcement to make this morning, as they continues to show that their INSANE books go beyond any particular “universe” with their latest title – PLANET ZERO



Writer – Massimo Rosi
Artist – Stefano Cardoselli

The Earth has been divided into three dominions: the Vladok Alliance, Nakatami Corps and the New Union of Democratic States. The planet is dying because of pollution and the exploitation of natural resources. Yet there is hope. A newly discovered world still unspoiled and fertile known as “Hope.” Armies from each dominion, desperate to claim the planet as their own, invade Hope. It is war! General Stadler, Supreme Commander of the armies of the Vladok Alliance, sends troops to Hope.
Troops that have been created in a laboratory and genetically perfected, for which the general has spent numerous years and the state’s money to create. His soldiers are equipped with artificial memories, customized for the individual to motivate them in combat. They all believe they have a family waiting for them at home. A soldier’s average lifespan is 300 years and they are immune to any form of aging.


Massimo Rosi – Writer
Stefano Cardoselli – Artist
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