PopCultHQ Spotlight: Delcourt-Soleil – ‘Hauteville House’

Written by: Fred Duval
Translated By: Studio Charon
Art by: Thierry Gioux
Christophe Quet
Colored by: Carole Beau

Hauteville House: Zelda

1864, under an imaginary Second Empire, Napoléon III uses his army and his secret service to study certain phenomena relating to the occult and to popular legends. His goal is quite simple: achieving world supremacy.

In Guernesey, in the depths of Hauteville House, Victor Hugo’s home in exile, a small group of Republican special agents attempt to thwart the Imperial projects. For his first mission, Agent Gavroche is sent to Mexico to help the Resistance to organize against Maximilian’s troops. Maximilian, a puppet Emperor set in place by Napoléon III, is doing some rather strange research in the Maya temples for his master…

Review: At first read all I could think of was that this book had such a feel and look to Alan Moore and Kevin O’ Neill’s first volume of League of Extraordinary Gentleman. basically just in atmosphere, nothing to do in the characters themselves mind you. It’s another “time-shift” tale where the history books are rewritten to take us on a mystical journey where the great Napoléon III is still in power and trying to rule the world as any proper evil-dictator would do. If you’re a fan of twisted history in a world of steampunk then Hauntville House will be right up your combustion pressure tubes! Still so much more to explore here.
Rating: 4 out of 5 Baguettes 
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