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PopCultHQ Kids Cosplayer Spotlight: “Sith Elsa”

by Manny Popoca
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PopCultHQ Kids Cosplayer Spotlight: Sith Elsa

One of the coolest cosplayers I have ever seen, also happens to be one of the youngest that I know. I would like to introduce to everyone “Sith Elsa” otherwise known to her family and friends as Gabriella.

Gabriella, is the daughter of one of my friends who happens to do quite a bit of cosplaying on his own with the famous 501st Legion of Star Wars cosplayers. I’ve been seeing the photos of Sith Elsa over the last year, as the family has been doing plenty of convention appearances. Not only is Sith Elsa creative to me, it also shows me how much fun and enjoyment a whole family can have with cosplaying. Once you see the picture spotlighted below, you’ll find it hard to also not fall in love with this fun loving cosplayer.

I wanted to do a special spotlight on Gabriella and show off her famously cute and creative – Sith Elsa cosplay, which is making the rounds on the con circuit. Make sure to check out Sith Elsa’s Facebook page that has WAY MORE photos to look at, so give her a follow as well!

With permission of her Father Rick and Mom Tabatha, we have an interview with Sith Elsa herself!


Sith Elsa Interview:

PopCultHQ: Was there a cosplayer you first noticed?

Sith Elsa: “My daddy is a cosplayer for the 501st Legion. He inspired me to join the Galactic Academy since I’m too young to join the Legion just yet.”

Sith Elsa

PopCultHQ: What made you want to start do cosplay?

Sith Elsa: “We were out to dinner one night and got the idea to combine Frozen with Star Wars. Daddy Googled something and we saw the pic of a Sith version of Elsa and I gasped and said “I want to be that!”

PopCultHQ: What do think of all the cosplayers at conventions?

Sith Elsa: “I think everyone has such cool and fun costumes and I love asking to get pictures with everyone. One of my all time favorites was a zombie version of Alice from Alice in Wonderland. At first I was scared, but she was nice to me and we took a picture together.”

PopCultHQ: Princess Elsa, how did you come up with that idea?

Sith Elsa: “It’s SITH Elsa! I will be more powerful than ANY princess! After seeing the picture that night, we came up with a few ideas, but our friend Cathy in the 501st Legion came up with an amaaaaaazing outfit idea for me and she handmade everything. She’s so nice to me. I was so happy the first time I got to try it on.”

PopCultHQ: That’s right, you HATE to be called Princess Elsa. I’ve made that unfortunate mistake before. My throat still hurts from your force choke!

PopCultHQ: Do you secretly want to be a Sith Lord?

Sith Elsa: “Yes! I want to learn cooler moves with my lightsabers and learn to control my ice & Sith lightning powers. Eventually, everyone will bow to Lord Elsa.”

PopCultHQ: Do you help in making the costumes with Mom?

Sith Elsa: “Sometimes I do. I’ve helped mommy paint my Spider Gwen costume and I asked my daddy if we could find something else to go along with my lightsabers. He found the light up ice crystal from Nicole Marie Jean’s website.”

PopCultHQ: How do you pick what you want to cosplay? What is your next cosplay idea?

Sith Elsa: “Well, I just try to think of somebody fun to dress up as and then I ask my parents to look up pictures online to see if we could do it. We’re still working on my Spider Gwen and I think I’d really like to do a Jessica Carpenter Spider Woman suit. Daddy says it has an open top so all my crazy blonde hair can spill out like hers in the comic. I was also thinking of doing a Tiny Tina from Borderlands costume too, but we’ll see.”

PopCultHQ: How do you like the attention cosplay has given you?

Sith Elsa: “I’m still not sure yet, but I think I love it. It feels nice when other people in their amazing costumes ask to take pictures with me and give me compliments.”

PopCultHQ: Do you want to keep doing cosplay as you grow older?

Sith Elsa: “Absolutely! This is something all ages can have fun with. I’ll keep on doing it until it’s not fun for me anymore, which I hope never happens”


Spider-Gwen writer and co-creator Jason Latour, shared Gabriella’s costume on Halloween. Even artist Robbi Rodriquez, said she looked fantastic!!

PopCultHQ: How big a fan are you of Spider-Gwen? How cool was it to have the creators see your cosplayer? Are you a Spider-Gwen comic book fan?

Sith Elsa: “On a scale of 1-100, I would say eleventy billion! She’s one of my favorite heroes w/ Kamala Khan, Squirrel Girl, Gamora and She-Hulk. I was sooooo happy when daddy showed me that the creators liked my costume, my whole world just lit up. It felt amazing! I just finished reading the 5 issue Spider-verse mini series and Spider-Gwen #1 and I loved them. My daddy has them in my monthly pull at our comic shop.”

PopCultHQ: What are you a huge fan of – from TV, movies or comics?

Sith Elsa: “TV – I watch Arrow and Flash sometimes. I really like the Face-Off make up show, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and sometimes Ink Master – except when they curse a lot. I also like the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon, Teen Titans and Johnny Test Movies – I love all Disney movies, but my recent favorites are Robin Hood, Aristocats, Frozen & Big Hero 6. I also love Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 & 2, Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2, Inside Out, Descendants and of course, ALL the Star Wars movies. We’ve also been watching a lot of 80’s movies and I loved Goonies, Labyrinth and Breakin’ 1 & 2. Comics – I love to read Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Spider Gwen, Spider Verse, Giant Sized Little Marvel, TnC Comics on Facebook and the Calvin & Hobbes books my daddy has.”

PopCultHQ: What would you tell another young person who would love to cosplay but is too afraid?

Sith Elsa: “I was a little scared too at first, but just try it once and see how you like it. Everyone is always super nice and it feels good when they ask to take your picture. After your first time, I’m sure you’ll be a huge fan of cosplay like me!”

PopCultHQ: Thank you for doing this interview!

Sith Elsa: “OK,!”

Rick: “Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time for our little girl, Manny!”

Sith Elsa and Spider-Gwen cosplay:

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