James Gunn; Shares Picture of Mother Who Did ‪‎Halloween Perfectly for Her Son. ‪Rocket Raccoon ‪Cosplay!‬

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Yesterday morning PopCultHQ’s Facebook page found and shared the most insane child’s cosplay Halloween costume we had ever seen. The picture was found on Facebook page The Replica Prop Forum and was a post that belonged to ‎DonandChristina Borchardt‎, the creator of the costume. She was the Mother of the very lucky Guardians of the Galaxy fan who was able to wear the awesome costume for Halloween, which I’m sure scored him a boatload of candy! After the picture went viral on all social medias and was even pointed out to James Gunn himself on our Instagram account. The jaw-dropping costume was then seen by the GotG director James Gunn who shared the most adorable cosplayer ever on his very own social media accounts with the Mother’s own words.

“Can’t wait for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, your entire cast and special effects team is fantastic and the story for the 1st was amazing. My whole family will be dressing up at Motorcity Comic con in May, I finished my 7 year son’s Rocket costume up enough in time for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up all the great movies!!

rocket racoon cosplay
“First time out in his Rocket Raccoon costume. I didn’t get to finish it 100 % (didn’t get to distress the lower leather etc), but he didn’t care grin emoticon Happy Halloween!” – ‎DonandChristina Borchardt‎

Bravo Mrs. Borchardt, you have phenomenal talent and made a fantastic piece which obviously made your Son the talk of the internet! This Mother did ‪#‎Halloween‬ perfectly for her Son. ‪#‎RocketRaccoon‬ ‪#‎GotG‬‪#‎Cosplay‬

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