An Early Review of This Week’s Arrow and Constantine Team-Up: Episode S04Ep05 “Haunted”!

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Once again, I had the pleasure of viewing an early release of comic book related television. This time it was this week’s Arrow, episode 5 “Haunted”. Now not being the world’s greatest Arrow fan, I was however awaiting this episode like a small child anxiously awaiting Christmas Morning!

As you may know, this has been one of the most anticipated episodes of season 4 so far. The first appearance of Matt Ryan as Constantine since NBC canceled his own individual series, ‘Constantine’.

For those of you who live under a rock, there are two Black Canary characters in the Arrow television show. The first was Sara Lance; she died to be replaced with her sister, Laurel Lance. In recent episodes, Sara has been resurrected through a small dip the Lazarus Pit. As anyone who is fluent in Batman lore would know, the Lazarus Pit is not meant for the dead. The rejuvenation fluids of the pit restored Sara’s body but not her soul. This leaves Sara running through the streets of Star City looking for her killer, Thea Queen, Oliver Queen’s kid sister. Such a domino effect going there. However, Team Arrow might be able to catch her but what exactly can they do with her beyond that? Never fear, Ollie has John Constantine on speed dial!vlcsnap-2015-11-02-20h05m40s651

How did Constantine and Ollie get so close?

Apparently while on the infamous island, Oliver Queen shacked up with some military types who were looking to use the uncharted island a staging ground of illegal drug manufacturing. As usual Oliver plans on taking them down from within all in due time. Except a wild card has washed ashore in the form of one sorcerer named John Constantine.

Constantine has been found on the island and he had in his possession a very ancient map. The drug cartel wants Oliver to take Constantine and locate whatever it was he was looking for. This doesn’t go as plan as Constantine uses magic to escape and takes Oliver hostage at gunpoint. The two make their way to the secret buried beneath the island. The staff of Horus which is believed to be imbued with great power.

This is where Oliver proves his worth to John by saving his life. Constantine may be an Occultist but sure is no Indian Jones as he lifts the scepter from its mount. the ceiling was booby-trapped to rain down with spikes. this is how John comes to owe Oliver. However not before John grants him a small parting gift by demonstrating the magics of the staff. John shifts a series of tattoo symbols from his arm onto Oliver’s chest. Making john responsible for one set of tattoos on Oliver’s body. something John called “Some insurance.”


We then flash forward to the present day as John arrives in Star City. Constantine arrives, mind you taken in by all the beauty Oliver surrounds himself with. He then performs a ritual which takes all three (Constantine, Oliver and Laurel) of them into the nether world. There, Sara’s soul is being guarded in a pool surrounded by League of assassin warriors. We get a really bad ass sword fight between Constantine and an Assassin as Oliver fights off his own and Laurel frees Sara from the well of souls.

Over all it was a pretty mediocre episode. A lot of John’s magic tricks I have to tune in on Wed to see the full effect as this was just a rough cut and the special effects were set yet. It was fantastic to Constantine again, as well the actor who portrays him, Matt Ryan. There is even a set up for a further appearance as Oliver says it’s his turn to owe Constantine a favor. Oliver asks him about Damien Darhk which Constantine states don’t get messed up with that one. Asking the question, if Darhk scare Constantine then perhaps Oliver has bitten off more than he can chew this time?

One can only hope that we will indeed see more John Constantine in further episodes of Arrow or perhaps his own spin-off series on the CW.

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