Halloween Kids Cosplay Spotlight: “Bride of Chucky Doll”

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For most of us growing up we wanted absolutely nothing to do with that super creepy Chucky doll from the 80’s horror movie franchise! Well, for Halloween this year, a little child had no fear of the  “Good Guys” doll that gets possessed by the spirit of a malicious killer! While the first movie was terrifying to myself as a young Junior High kid, the rest of the franchise lost its luster making the sequels a bit more of a mockery to the original concepts. But that’s neither here nor there, we’re here to spotlight kids costume cosplay for Halloween! So when I seen this absolutely spot-on Halloween cosplay outfit of the character “Chucky”, I just had to share it. What blew my mind even more was the fact this was coming from such an adorable little girl! One can’t help but chuckle at first, at how uncannily eerie the doll looks like Reyna, but you just can’t help but see how friggin cute Reyna is at the same time. Mother, Reyes,  did a phenomenal job on the costume and makeup which are all handcrafted. A quick messy brush to the hair, face makeup final touches and presto-change-o! We go from innocent little Reyna, to the ever so disturbing living doll. Simply outstanding!!

Hi, I’m Chucky……Wanna Playyyyyyyyyyyy!



I asked Reyna’s Mother if her daughter had even seen the Chucky movies before and if Reyna knew who she was portraying? I was told.

“Yes, she has watched the first Child’s Play and Bride of Chucky. lol, and yes, she knew. She kept saying “Chucky” all day today”

Which I have no problem with myself, since I watched Friday the 13th at that age with my parents and I’m all fine, lol. From knowing the family a bit and seeing the family pictures, Reyna is doing just perfectly, having a blast enjoying her pumpkin carving, yummy candy and spending tons of loving quality time with Grandma and Great-Grandma.

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