AMC Orders ‘Ride With Norman Reedus’ Travel Series!

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Norman Reedus has become a very popular actor and through his role as the beloved crossbow wielding redneck, Daryl Dixon, his career has skyrocketed.  AMC’s The Walking Dead, where Reedus has become one of the main characters, has become one of the biggest hits in television history.


It is no surprise that AMC has recognized Reedus’ growing fanbase and is doing what they can to take advantage of it.  With the cancellation of the Silent Hill project, Reedus must have more time on his hands.  Giving Reedus a project based off of one of his biggest passions will give fans a glimpse into the actor’s life more so than his Instagram account where he shares his creativity.  The show has been suggested to have Reedus travel to different towns around the country to give viewers a taste of motorhead cuture.  Visiting bike shops to view collections and to educate viewers on different choppers, Reedus is said to bring co-stars, friends, musicians, and those who have an expansive knowledge of these cycles along for the ride.

Joel Stillerman of AMC said in their press release,

“There is nobody more passionate about motorcycles than Norman Reedus…  He is an avid rider and aficionado who is deeply immersed in motorcycle culture. There is also nobody more fun to hang out with. This show will bring those two elements together for a weekly ride into the incredible world of motorcycles and the people who live and breathe them.”


Fun fact — Reedus actually contacted a company called Classified Moto and teamed up with them to build what is known as the bike Daryl Dixon put together and now rides in Alexandria.  It is even available for purchase on their site.


Ride or die waiting — the show is said to premiere on AMC in early 2016.

Could this mean an end for one of The Walking Dead‘s most beloved characters?  Or could filming take place during the off season of TWD?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!