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PopCultHQ Contributors Review: “The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes” on the Nintendo 3DS

by Manny Popoca
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“The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes” on the Nintendo 3DS



PopCultHQ Contributors Review: Once again PopCultHQ is graced to have a review from one of our top notch video game contributors, my very own 13 year old Son, Zack! Zack has taken over the family video game crown in the house from his Pops (me) a LONG time ago, so it is only befitting that I give him the chance to do the video game reviews for us here. Once you read this review you’ll see why he’s the perfect fellow geek gamer who knows his gaming lingo. Enjoy this review and Zack’s other work for PopCultHQ! Way to go Zack!!

Zack’s: Zelda: Majorca’s Mask – 3DS Contributor Review



The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes is a multiplayer 3DS title with fun, action-packed dungeons and quests. With the games release coming in a few days I will be reviewing the demo.
If you got lucky like me and got a demo code, you would know that for now, there is only 3 dungeons to play from; The Fire Temple, Buzz Blob cave, and Bomb Storage. You would also know that there were specific times when Nintendo turned on and off the servers. Luckily enough, I caught the last online time period and got to play through all three dungeons. Now then, On with the review!!
The game plays out much like A Link Between Worlds, and even uses the same graphical art style. There’s an energy meter, 3D Mechanics, dashing, etc. And although it may look like a carbon copy from the outside, it adds many new mechanics as well. At the beginning of a dungeon,Each link gets a choice between 3 different items. This allows for use of all of them in their own rights. But that’s not all. Another new mechanic, The totem, is very interesting. With 3 players, you can pick everyone up to achieve certain goals. Is a switch too high? Totem. Can’t reach a ledge? Totem. Enemies flying in the air? Totem. Ok, you get the point. There are also different clothes you can put on to give you certain attributes. The Kokiri clothes for example, let you shoot 3 arrows instead of one. Along with all these, there are also some emoticons on the bottom screen that you can use to communicate with people during online play.

The multiplayer is actually very solid. The puzzles require a lot of teamwork and use of everyone’s items.The online portion doesn’t lag and there are no trolls. Which brings me to another point. The Blacklist. If someone decides to not cooperate, You can put them on the blacklist. What this does is makes sure you don’t play with that same person. Which in turn improves your playing experience. If you also got the demo code, you would also know it gave you 2 extra codes to give to friends so you could local play. And again, there is NO lag!! There’s also one more thing about the game I’d like to point out. If you happen to only have 2 people in your party and are waiting for a 3rd, you can play a fun little bonus game. All you have to do is charge a dash at the wall and release. A small purple ball will then fall from the sky. You can hit it and it will bounce up and play a little tune. keep hitting it and the song will go on. The songs range from Lon Lon Ranch/Epona’s Song from Ocarina of Time, The Dark World from A Link to the Past, The main Zelda theme from basically every title in the franchise (We don’t count the Cd-i games.), Clock Town From Majora’s Mask, Lorule Castle from A Link Between Worlds, Along with more hidden ones like The Ballad of the Wind fish from Link’s Awakening, and The Title theme from The Wind Waker.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes – #E32015 trailer:

Score: Overall, I think that this is a fantastic game. With It’s new gameplay mechanics, Awesome music, and Perplexing dungeons. From the cover, It may look like another Four Swords entry. But inside, It’s a completely different game that everyone should at least check out.

Which leads me to my overall score; 9.5 out of 10 Heart Containers


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