DC Comics Jumps on the Adult Coloring Book Trend with Variant Covers!

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Coloring Book Variant Covers For January 2016

PopcultHQ has been on the adult coloring book trend since back when our “Brainy Librarian” spotlighted them in her Adult Coloring Books article, and once again with Marvel’s Coloring issues.

Now it’s time for DC comics to jump on the bandwagon with their version of coloring comic book variant covers. The publisher will have uncolored lineart variant covers for 25 of its titles in January drawn by some of the biggest artists in the comic book industry

The complete list of the remaining DC coloring book variant covers:

Action Comics # 48 by Scott Kollins
Aquaman # 48 by Andy Kuhn
Batman/Superman # 28 by Freddie Williams
Cyborg # 7 by Derec Donovan
Deathstroke # 14 by Emanuella Luppicino
Detective Comics # 48 by Timothy Green
Flash # 48 by Derec Donovan
Grayson # 16 by Aaron Lopresti
Green Lantern# 48 by Michael Allred
Justice League # 48 by Scott Kollins
Martian Manhunter # 8 by Andy Kuhn
Red Hood/Arsenal # 8 by Scott McDaniel
Robin Son of Batman # 8 by Sanford Greene
Sinestro # 19 by Derec Donovan
Starfire # 8 by Dave Taylor
Superman #48 by Andy Smith
Superman/ Wonder Woman # 25 by Aaron Lopresti
Titans Hunt # 4 Scott McDaniel
We Are Robin #8 by Freddie Williams
Wonder Woman #48 by Emanuella Luppicino
Green Arrow # 48 by Cully Hamner
Lois and Clark # 4 by Aaron Lopresti
JLA # 8 by Cully Hamner
Teen Titans # 16 by Timothy Green
Batman # 48 by Dave Johnson

Which of the DC coloring book variant covers are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section below!

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