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PopCultHQ TV Show Review: “Scream Queens”

by Manny Popoca
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Scream Queens

The teenage horror sensation from FOX, that is like trying to watch a scary movie which is being aired on an MTV channel. Filled with young hot sexy actors, pop stars and a few Hollywood veterans tossed into the mix, of this hyper-horror show. Scream Queens is a flashy shiny package of a horror show, sort of how Empire plays off on the music industry. Scream Queens is a cheesy written, gore-tastic, romp-ride into the world of glam horror if there is such a thing. Scream Queens starts off in 1995 with one of the sorority girls giving birth in the house and eventually dies. We come to present time and the Sorority House is now a place where murders happen time and time again, not that you feel too bad about them since most of the victims are the very ‘mean girls’ who run KKT . Chanel #1 (Emma Roberts) is the head of the house and most vile person you’ll never meet and her minions (Ariana GrandeBillie LourdAbigail Breslin) are just as clueless as they are despicable as well.

Once the maid is killed, and Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande is also brought to death by the red devil, the KKT house is now shut down to weed out the murderer. The question is, from all the suspects, who could be the red devil? Could the baby born to the sister 20 years ago be one of the “Scream Queens”?  Is Dean Munch (Jamie Lee Curtishiding more than she is letting on or is the new girl Grace (Skyler Samuelshiding more of her past then she lets on?

Everyone is either the killer or just very coincidentally framed by the Red Devil. The sorority girls are helplessly vapid, the plot is idiotic, the dialogue is dense and the death scenes are over the top with gore that would make any Freddy movie fan happy. The jokes are horribly cheesy but still manage to garner a laugh once in a while. There are so many things wrong about Scream Queens but somehow the show finds a way to make it all work…..for now. Pilot episode ends with the death of Nick Jonas character and a twist that made me feel this show had watched the movie Scream a bit too much. 

I won’t be watching every week, but I might stop in one in a while to see which one of these witches died lately. The teen kids will love it, even if I don’t, this show is not aimed at my age group. Scream Queens will be on-air for quite a few seasons, as long as the guest stars keep showing up.

Scream Queens – FOX –  Drama, Horror, Comedy – 4 out of 5

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