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Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) is your everyday average looser who once played in a band with dreams to become a rock star. Though the adolescent aspirations of a teenager are the same as Brian’s, it’s just now he’s in his mid 30’s with no real future or ambition to look forward to. Life gets even more complicated when Brian takes a new job that he can’t handle, but he also happens to meet an old band mate “Eli” who hooks Brian up with a pill that gives him the ability to open his mind up to every single brain cell possible. Just like the movie “Limitless,” what happens when normal humans who can only use 10% of their brains, find a way on this pill, to reach limitless levels of intelligence? As if life wasn’t hard enough already, Brian then finds his friend Eli dead and the FBI chasing him down for crimes he didn’t commit, Of course, on this drug, running away from six federal agents is not even a problem anymore for the once dim wit.

The name of the drug is NZT48 – and now someone has been killing anyone using the NZT drug or has anyone even having knowledge of the drug. That puts Brian finding himself in deep trouble from both sides of the law. Tides change when Brian seeks the help of the FBI and the agent who first let him slip away from authorities.

Bradley Cooper who was the star of the movie “Limitless” makes an appearance in this TV show and explains the whole story to Brian. Giving Brian one more pill, one last chance to prove his innocence. This was a treat for fans of the movie and Cooper who is already scheduled to make another appearance in an upcoming episode.

Agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenterand the FBI help Brian out but at a cost. After the FBI finds out that Brian is immune to the NZT immediate side-effects they decide on using him as a resource being the most effective agent in the field.

Shows like this and Chuck (If you remember that old show “Chuck”) takes an average idiot and turns him into a super spy can be fun to watch. I give this show a very high score in anticipation it will be on air for at least a few seasons. It is very fun to watch with the occasional laugh. I see this show turning into a sort of Castle with the goofy Brian working so closely with his FBI ally Rebecca and that will add a bit of sexual tension entertainment. If you have not seen Limitless TV show yet, I definitely recommend it.

Limitless – CBS – Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi – 4.5 out of 5

Airs on Tuesday nights:

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