Meet The All-New All-Different Uncanny Avengers! With Deadpool!

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“Humans, mutants and Inhumans and is that Deadpool!”

Eight months after the events of Marvel’s Secret Wars time-line, we will have an entirely different Uncanny Avengers! New Team, same mission. Steve has formed a new Avengers unity squad.


From writer Gerry Duggan and artist Ryan Stegman comes a team composed of Steve Rogers, Toro from the Inhumans, Inferno, Rogue, Spider-Man, Quicksilver, Brother Voodoo. Also Deadpool! DEADPOOL!!!

Who let this ass-hole into the Avengers ranks?! That is just what we will have to find out when the newest team rolls out with an all new story in Avengers #0 and Uncanny Avengers #1 issues in October.

Can Humans, mutants, Inhumans, Spider-man and Deadpool all get along on the same team?!

The Team also features a new Uncanny Avenger by the name of Synapse, who writer Gerry Duggan, has described as

she has some pretty interesting abilities. I don’t want to talk about them too much, but I can say if I was thinking about the team as if they were a “Dungeons & Dragons” group I would imagine Synapse very much as a Priest class. She’s not flying and punching as much as she’s maybe buffing and nerfing people around her in I think some fun and cool ways.

imageThe addition of Spider-Man and Deadpool onto the same team is just asking for mayhem but can the elders of the group keep the ranks together. Steve Rogers and Rogue have been around the first team of global  unity Uncanny Avengers and seen what squabbles from the inside can do to a team. Though having Marvel’s races mixed in this group might be a bit too much for these two to handle. Deadpool and Quciksilver, who have never really been known to be the best team players as well will have a lot of growing up to do.

Uncanny Avengers is looking to be a drama filled action title with plenty of surprises around every corner. What do our fans think of the new line-up?

The new volume of “Uncanny Avengers” is set to debut from Marvel in October. Written by: Gerry Duggan and art by: Ryan Stegman 

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