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Judd Winick Brings to the Kids – “Hilo The Boy Who Crashed To Earth”!

by Manny Popoca
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#HiloBook is a great way to get young kids started in reading not just comic books but books period!

Judd Winick, who has earned many credits for his great works with Marvel (Morlocks) and DC (Green Lantern) comics is moving from Superheroes to super kids and I couldn’t be more happy to see it happen. If people don’t know Judd Winick the comic book writer, they may know Judd Winick from his MTV “The Real World” days. As the struggling cartoonist looking to make a voice for himself in the world of cartoons in San Francisco. Decades later with less hair but vast amounts of experience in the comic book industry, Judd is more than ready to tackle the challenges of bringing young readers back into the world of imagination adventure. There is no greater feeling knowing your child is using their imagination to create – rather than having entertainment force feed to them hour after hour.


Kids series books is something I strongly want to highlight here at Popculthq – Hilo is not the only graphic novel for kids I’ve seen like this, but I want to spotlight all of the one I really like to parents for their kids. The more comic books made just for kids the better in my eyes! Creativity is the key to smart and imaginative children. A books like “Hilo the Boy Who Cashed to Earth”  gets my highest endorsement as a PopcultHQ MUST READ HIT!!


Hilo is a fun introduction into the world of fantasy for young children but most importantly it brings to them the fantastic world of reading! In a world where multi-media gives parents the daily challenge of fighting for your child’s attention, comics is a medium vastly overlooked for children. The age groups of pre-k to second grade are perfect for parents to sit and read to their kids or have their own kids read to the parents themselves! Graphic novels are the way of the future for parents to use as teaching tools to better the education of their kids.

Check out Judd Winick​ as he talks about his new series! “Hilo the boy who crashed to earth” and order your copy today!! Hilo the Boy Who Crashed to Earth – Amazon


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