Check Out This Outstanding Geek Wear for Real-Life Women

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women of marvelAfter seeing some of the clothing lines, do you despair of finding attractive yet geeky clothing for real women? It seems to me that most superhero clothing is designed for young girls or those that never outgrew the girlish figure. I admit that at one point I fit into those clothes, but several years of marriage and a child change things considerably.Lady thor

Her Universe has some outstanding geeky clothing that comes in real sizes. According to their size charts they have everything from an XS to a 4X. That is perfect for all of us female geeks out there. I also love the fact that their models look like real women you see every day. They aren’t these perfectly toned photoshopped creations you see in many other catalogs. For that fact alone I want to shop widow T

Another thing I would love to point out is that Her Universe has some of the characters we have been screaming about…Nebula, Gamora, Black Widow, Lady Thor, Ahsoka. Whether you are after a dress, a jacket, T-Shirt or Tank you can find something here. They even have clothing for the young girl in your life.gamora nebula

There is more here than I could ever hope to show you, but I think I found my new favorite store. Check them out.agent carter

Now if they ever get something like this I don’t think I will shop anywhere else.bases

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