‘Star Wars The Old Republic Knights of The Fallen Empire’ Trailer – Check Out The E3 Trailer Here!

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Star Wars has been a long time running franchise.  The hype of the new movie soon to be released has supercharged the fan base so much that developers are coming out with new games.


Recently, Lucasfilm released a trailer for Star Wars: Uprising, a mobile based game that highlights events that occur in the Anoat Sector where Cloud City and Hoth are based.  Another trailer has been recently released that features a new expansion to the Star Wars The Old Republic MMO called Knights of the Fallen Empire.  Do not be mistaken, for a lot of gamers expected it to be the sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, but that was not the case.

There may be disappointment knowing that it is not a standalone game, but the cinematic experience from the trailer promises great graphics.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments below!