Marvel and Disney are Now Supporting Cosplay with #Cosplay Variant Covers!

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cosplay variant covers
Courtesy of BleedingCool

Cosplayers rejoice your time has come!!

The Marvel Next Big Thing panel at the NYC had a lot of things going on, including Bendis claiming that all the media outlets are wrong about the Marvel Reboot.

The big thing, in my opinion, is the news that Marvel will be having cosplay themed variant covers in September.


To me, this is great news for all of the cosplayers that have been holding their breathe since Disney bought Marvel. This means that Disney is acknowledging that cosplayers are part of their fandom and account for a large portion of Marvel’s popularity.

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In the past Disney has been notoriously protective of their property and have been very sue happy about their copyrights. The two of the most famous instances were when Disney backed the Stop Online Piracy Act of 2012 and when they fought and won the right to keep Mickey Mouse out of the public domain in the ‘90s.

The fact that they are now promoting cosplayers means that fears of them shutting down many fan-based sites, or Disney going after costumers, for copyright infringement have been abated. They now promote us, so I think we are safe.