Comixology Digital Comics Offers Marvel’s FCBD For Free! Attack On Titan vs Avengers, Secret Wars #0, Also Spanish Versions!


In a fine gesture by Marvel Digital Comics, and our friends over at ComiXology, they are giving away free digital versions of their Free Comic Book Day giveaways. The most sought after of the three given is obviously Secret Wars #0 which kicks off the official Secret Wars storyline. Even if you cannot physically own a copy at least you can enjoy reading the story and I am grateful for that.

Marvel Secret Wars #0


FCBD Marvel Secret Wars #0

Along with the Secret Wars #0 story, the very same issue contains the first time Japanese manga and an American Marvel comic book crossover. The ultra cool “Attack on Titan vs Avengers” story written by Attack On Titan creator Hajime Isayama and drawn by Mexican superstar artist Gerardo Sandoval, who I am just a huge fan of his anime style Marvel work.

“Attack On Titan vs The Avengers”

Attack on Titan vs Avengers

 “Dia Del Comic Gratis”

This other one is a special “Spanish version” of all three FCBD comic (minus the Attack on Titan story) translated all in Spanish. The Uncanny Inhumans, Secret Wars #0 and The Avengers digital FCBD comics. For those in the Latin community of Superhero fans to also embrace the digital comic book format, this is not the first time Marvel has done this nor do I see it being the last. I just wish we had our very own Mexican Marvel superhero to embrace also. I’ve been complaining about this for a long time. Also, no! Miles Morales does not speak for ALL Latin communities. (Joke) Do not worry too much American fans….I am sure Marvel will hopefully provide a digital English version as well for FREE.


FCBD 2015: Avengers #1: (Spanish Edition)

¿Qué mejor manera de celebrar Free Comic Book Day entonces ensamblando más Poderosos y populares – Héroes del mundo? Iron Man! Captain America! Thor! Black Widow! Hawkeye! Hulk! Vision! Héroes favoritos de todos los usuarios adquieren una nueva amenaza peligrosa!
FCBD Comics (in Spanish)
FCBD Comics (in Spanish)

“The All New All-Diffrent Avengers” and “Uncanny Inhumans” 

The final FCBD book offered to fans for FREE is Marvel’s newest attempt to appease to the movie market and younger audience as they planned from the start with Secret Wars by introducing……The All New All-Diffrent-Avengers and The Uncanny Inhumans titles (American version) in one book.


FCBD 2015: Avengers #1

What better way to celebrate Free Comic Book Day then by assembling Earth’s Mightiest-and most popular-Heroes? Iron Man! Captain America! Thor! Black Widow! Hawkeye! Hulk! Vision! Everyone’s favorite heroes take on a dangerous new threat!

This new diverse team of Avengers and Inhumans is what Marvel/Disney have been banking on this whole Secret Wars project. Just a company-wide revamp of the entire Marvel Comic Book Universe to draw from the massive success of the film and television franchises. Like it or not….that is what the “New Marvel” will basically come down to being. A movie and comic book friendly mashup of stories that all fit nicely in the Marvel box all courtesy of Disney marketing. That’s a whole other story…..for now just enjoy the FREE reads!!


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