Sea Turtle gets 3D Printed Titanium Jaw!

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akut-3-13D printing is amazing. It has opened up a whole new world and given people a new way to help others. 3D printing allows for custom design and opens up a level of creativity many people never imagined.

Through 3D printing children have been provided with low cost prosthetics that they otherwise had no chance of acquiring. This remarkable technology has enhanced not only the medical world, but also assisted the world of animal rescue.

Akut-3 was missing 60% of his right jaw

This Loggerhead Sea turtle, named Akut-3, was badly injured in what they believe was a boating collision. He was found floating in July with a fractured jaw and almost 60% of the upper and lower jaws on the right side of his face missing.

This 100-pound turtle was brought into the Sea Turtle Research Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Dalyan, Turkey where he was nursed back to health. Unfortunately the damage to his jaw meant that he would be unable to feed himself in the wild.

Model of the replacement jaws

Realizing that the jaw would need to be rebuilt, the center contacted a Turkish company that makes customized medical prosthetics. B Tech Innovation eagerly took on the challenge. They used CT scans of Akut-3 which were then converted into 3D models using Mimics Innovation Suite by Materialise. These were then used to produce a customized titanium jaw that helped him get back his bite.

According to the web Rescue sites website, he is able to move his jaw and they are now just waiting for the functional attachment of soft tissue to the prothesis.

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