The Starship USS Enterprise has Landed in China?

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enterprise building 1Believe it or not there is a building that looks almost like the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-E from the Star Trek: Next Generation movies.

This is the headquarters for gaming and mobile Internet company NetDragon Websoft. This six-story building was completed in 2014, costing between $133 and $160 Million (but what does a $30 Million difference mean to us poor schmucks that save up just to buy a model?)enterprise building

The building is 328-feet wide and 853-feet long and is the only officially licensed Star Trek building on the planet. The company chairman, Liu DeJian, is reported to be a Trekkie to the nth degree and procured licensing rights from CBS. Inside the building there is also reported to be a life-size replica of a T-Rex dinosaur named Stan who was discovered in South Dakota in 1987, and a 30-foot metal slide that provides transportation from the third floor to the ground floor.

You can find the building on Google Maps or you can check out this Drone Footage by Hacktron to get a better look at it.