Entertainment Earth Exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy Action Figure Set

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EE GotG 2Guardians of the Galaxy has been out of the theaters for a while, but it is still fan favorite. What many movie fans don’t seem to get is that all of these characters had a prior life in comics, a much cooler life.

Over at Entertainment Earth you can find the whole gang in classic comic form. This is a must have for any collector.

You can get all of the Classic Guardians of the Galaxy characters in one box, and to display them, you never have to take them out of the box.

In this exclusive collection you get Drax the Destroyer, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Baby Groot in a Pot and Groot himself.

The set itself is great, but what makes makes this truly awesome are the fact that this is a replica of the original Comic Book Groot, as he first appeared.

The other amazing thing is that the set has Gamora, not the watered down version they show in the movie, but one of the original kick-ass versions of Gamora.

Head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order this Exclusive Set that will available in August.

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