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Extensive Look at the Main Characters of “Arrow” and “The Flash” Prior to Their Season Finales

by Jason Bennett
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The Flash and Arrow

The Flash and Arrow

As we are wrapping up the seasons of DC’s heavyweight superhero TV shows, we at PopCultHQ.com wanted to give you an extensive look at the characters leading into the finales of both series.  Here’s a look at the characters to know heading into the season finales and leading into season four of Arrow and season two of The Flash:

Arrow (Stephen Amell)

Arrow (Stephen Amell)

Oliver Jonas Queen (born May 16, 1985) is a former billionaire and former playboy turned vigilante archer. At various points he owned and operated the night club, Verdant, and was CEO of Queen Consolidated. After being presumed lost at sea for 5 years Oliver returned to Starling City with a mission to clean the city of crime and corruption and became a hooded vigilante using a bow and arrow called “The Hood”, willing to use lethal force if needed. However after the Undertaking, Oliver made a vow to never kill again and renamed himself “The Arrow”.

In his time from being shipwrecked to being a vigilante, Oliver has had numerous mentors. These include Yao Fei, Shado, Slade Wilson and Maseo Yamashiro, the latter two of who became enemies. Oliver has also received training from Malcolm Merlyn to prepare for another fight against Ra’s al Ghul. During his vigilantism, he has also taken it upon himself to mentor a number of protégés, including Helena Bertinelli and Roy Harper, the latter of who is now relatively an equal.

After his maternal half-sister Thea, was nearly killed, Ra’s al Ghul offered to have her healed by the waters of Nanda Parbat, in return for him joining the League of Assassins and becoming his heir. To cement Oliver’s former identity and persona being extinguished, he was renamed Al Sah-him (السهم, Arabic for Arrow). Also, as being named Ra’s al Ghul’s future successor, Oliver was given the additional title of Wareeth al Ghul (وريث الغول, Arabic for heir of the Demon). After Nyssa’s betrayal and her capture, Ra’s proposed that both Al Sah-him and Nyssa to get married, for the purpose of uniting the families, Oliver becomes the husband of Nyssa al Ghul and is given the added title of Ibn al Ghul (ابن الغول, Arabic for Son of the Demon).

His abilities include:

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled fighter, assassin and former vigilante, Oliver is shown to be in top physical condition from his intense exercises both in the Arrowcave and from his time on the island. His training regimen seems to be inspired by his mentors on the Island and possibly others. He is very sturdy, unfazed by having a pool stick broken across his chest. Due to his youth, Oliver is faster than Malcolm and is strong enough to break a man’s neck in a matter of seconds.
  • League of Assassins training: By the time of “Al-Sah-him”, Oliver has gone through the training all League members do. His already adept ability in unarmed combat, stealth, melee weapons, and force of will are greatly improved and likewise mastered the art of assassination.
  • Honed senses: Oliver has repeatedly demonstrated being able to sense danger before anyone else near him does. His keen skills of perception offer aid in otherwise detrimental situations. His reflexes allowed him to catch an arrow shot at him by Simon Lacroix (a feat that only highly skilled individuals have accomplished). He is likewise able to anticipate the attack patterns of the superfast Barry Allen to successfully strike him and catch the latter’s own attack.
  • Master archer: Oliver is extremely experienced and has outstanding archery skills. He has extreme accuracy with the bow and arrow, allowing him to shoot 6 bouncing tennis balls without missing, shoot small objects off of people without harming them and shoot with deadly accuracy even while he was moving.
  • Master marksman: Oliver is shown to be skilled in the use of firearms, partially do to his skills in archery. During his time working with A.R.G.U.S. while in Hong Kong, Oliver also became an adept sniper. In “Corto Maltese”, it was seen that Oliver has similar proficiency as he quickly shot down his targets.
  • Master stick fighter: On the island, Oliver is seen sparring with Slade in stick fighting, even able to go toe-to-toe with him. In the present day, Oliver is shown to be a master stick fighter. He knows the Filipino martial art, Eskrima Kali (also known as Eskrima or Arnis), and shows his skills practicing on a training dummy or sparring with Diggle in one of the episodes. In “Crucible”, he was able to take down three of The Mayor’s thugs simultaneously, while he was using Sara’s bo-staff.
  • Master swordsman: While not often used, Oliver is highly proficient in swordsmanship, due to the fact that he was trained by Slade Wilson. As seen in his fight against Ra’s Al Ghul, Oliver is ambidextrous in its usage, able to fight with two swords in unison or switch one between either hand. At the same time however, as noted by Malcolm, Oliver’s near-sole dependence on his bow and arrow over the years has diminished his skill in this art. After three weeks of arduous training directly under Ra’s al Ghul however, Oliver’s skills increased considerably, able to hold his own against the League of Assassin’s leader and likewise swiftly subdue Nyssa.
  • Master knife-fighter: Oliver is shown to be skilled with knives. He killed a man in Hong Kong with a single stab. He also was seen practicing knife-fighting with John. Oliver is also skilled in using knives in long-range combat. In “Honor Thy Father”, he was able to use a kitchen knife, as an improvised throwing knife to disarm Chien Na Wei, before she could kill John Diggle.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Oliver excels in advanced hand-to-hand combat, being a master martial artist. He is proficient in various types of fighting styles, and can more than hold his own against his opponents. Thanks to his experience and training he is able to fight multiple people at once. He styled his fighting styles of self-defense, offense, grappling, and take-downs after his mentors, Yao Fei, Slade Wilson, Shado, Maseo Yamashiro and possible others. The fighting form seems to be a combination of Wing Chun, Hapkido, Jujitsu, Eskrima and possible others. In “The Climb”, he was able to take on several members of the League of Assassins before eventually being overwhelmed and subdued.
  • Master metalsmith: With his preferred weapon in battle being a bow and a limited supply of arrows, Oliver has become very skilled in the forging and crafting of his weapons. His arrows are shown to be very sturdy and sharp, able to pierce the highly durable flesh of a Mirakuru-enhanced man. Oliver’s skill in this art is also transferable for more general use, such as making jewelry as a gift.
  • Expert engineer: Oliver had an aptitude for mechanics since a young age, learning much about it from his father Robert in repairing and constructing. As the Hood/Arrow, Oliver developed a variety of devices attached to and designed to work in unison with his arrows once launched.
  • Expert computer skills: During his time in A.R.G.U.S., Oliver learned much about programs and networks through computers. He is capable of hacking a system for goals like transferring bank accounts and acquire sensitive or secure information when necessary. His skill however is not as good as Felicity’s as he would regularly go to her for aid even before revealing his identity as The Hood to her. However, he was able to figure his way around one of Felicity’s programs that locked him in the Arrow Cave.
  • Free running/Acrobatics/Stealth: Oliver has shown himself capable of scaling buildings and running from rooftop to rooftop easily. On one occasion he scaled a building using the window ledges of the building to retrieve a bullet. On another occasion, he leaped over a rooftop to land on a lower one. He is very maneuverable and graceful, able to chase and outrun enemies through various terrains with no wasted effort or time. A very tactical person, Oliver, is able to sneak in and out of almost any unguarded building without being detected. Oliver is able to disappear in a second’s notice, even in broad daylight. For long periods of time, he is able to follow his target(s) without being noticed.
  • High-level intellect/Master detective/Tactician/Great business acumen/Leader: Oliver has been shown to have great detective skills when searching for information about the people on his list. While he is no expert in anything outside his physical skills, he has shown to have extensive knowledge in various fields, including computer engineering, toxicology, combat medicine, weapons and etc., all of which he uses to effectively aid in his investigation while maintaining discretion, often without needing aid from anyone else. He was able to effectively create a public ruse to deflect any suspicion he was The Hood early on in the series. He was able to outfox Slade into thinking he loved Felicity so she could inject him with the Mirakuru cure. He is shown to be a highly skilled tactician and is able to create plans which allows him to take on large numbers of heavily armed men, highly skilled martial artists and even beat Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers and The Flash. He is a great businessman as he was able to run the nightclub Verdant, and later Queen Consolidated very successfully. Oliver is also a capable leader, he was able to form a vigilante team known as Team Arrow, and has led it with success since he founded it.
  • Multilingual: Oliver is capable of fluently speaking English, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. Also, he can speak Mandarin so perfectly that a blinded Chinese Triad member believed Oliver was actually Chinese.
  • First aid/Toxicology: It has been shown that Oliver is educated in various types of medicine and first aid. He was able to provide medical attention to himself and John, as well as determine the type of poison (Curare) that the bullet contained from his blood, compliments of Deadshot. He has been shown to be able to give first aid on himself or others, and going so far even to treat bullet wounds completely without having to go to the hospital. He apparently keeps stocks of his own blood in his hideout, storing them for future use.
  • Network: Oliver uses his connections in the Solntsevskaya Bratva and Roy’s street contacts to get information, due to his friendship with Lyla Michaels, he has some connections in A.R.G.U.S.. Now that he is a member of the League of Assassins, it is likely he can draw upon their resources.
  • Intimidation/Interrogation/Torture: As The Arrow, Oliver commands a very intimidating presence, which strikes fear into the hearts of the criminals he confronts, and is not above maiming his targets (which sometimes leaves him at odds with other people, such as Barry Allen).
  • Psychological warfare: Oliver is very skilled in torturing his victims psychologically. One example was when The Dollmaker’s lawyer didn’t give up any information, prompting Oliver to shoot him through the shoulder and kept him from going to the authorities and reporting Quentin to his lieutenant or anyone by threatening to shoot his other shoulder if he did. He acquired this skill during his training in Hong Kong with Amanda Waller. Oliver is also a proven to be very deceptive, spending three years effectively convincing all that he and The Hood/Arrow were two separate people.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Oliver has shown to be very stubborn, and is nearly fearless. Under no situation would he ever give up. Even on the island while he was untrained and in no shape to fight anyone, he was shown to be quite resistant to pain. Oliver was able to injure Malcolm Merlyn’s leg with a flechette, before knocking him out cold with a single punch, despite being badly injured by his arrows and having 3 broken ribs. Even more, he was able cling to life after a fatal stab through the chest long enough to be treated. After his League of Assassin training, he was able to take an arrow piercing through his arm while barely flinching.
  • Tolerance for poison: When Oliver was grazed with Floyd Lawton’s curare laced bullets, he didn’t feel the effects of the poison for a significant amount of time when compared to Malcolm Merlyn, who felt the effects almost immediately.
  • Expert driver: Oliver has the ability to drive multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. He is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known to be a car or a motorcycle.
  • Master of subterfuge: Oliver also possesses considerable skills at lying and deception, having once bested a lie detector test where only a “slight flutter” was detected coming off of him. He uses these attribute to hide his double life as a wealthy club owner and vigilante.
  • Master survivalist: Oliver has great survival skills, as he was taught by Yao Fei how to survive in the wild. He was able to live on the island and provide for himself. His skills and willpower allowed him to survive near-death experiences, like in his battles against Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson and Ra’s al Ghul.
  • Meditation: Oliver is skilled in meditation and was able to guide Roy into using it to analyse his memories, due to the fact that he was trained by Tatsu Yamashiro.

The equipment Arrow uses are:

  • Customized Recurve Bow: Oliver, as The Arrow, used as his weapon of choice a customized recurve bow combined with his arrows to fulfill his promise and mission he made to his father before his death. It is unknown who it was designed by and it features standard recurve limbs and a riser that has a metal enclosure for the hand. Oliver also used it as an improvised quarterstaff. Later, as Al Sah-him, he began using a similar bow, though black in color.
  • Carbon Fiber Long Bow: This Carbon Fiber Long Bow serves as Oliver’s spare bow, after his Customized Recurve bow was chopped in half by a downward forearm strike from Malcolm. It belonged to his late mentor Yao Fei. Oliver has also used it as an improvised quarterstaff.
  • Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow: This Customized Oneida Kestrel Compound Bow serves as Oliver’s new bow, it was designed by Felicity. It can fire 2 small explosives from the ends of the bow riser, shown in “The Man Under the Hood”. Oliver also uses it as an improvised quarterstaff. As of the Season 3 premiere, it curls into a smaller size.
  • League of Assassins Recurve Bow: When Oliver was forced to join the League of Assassins he got a new, all-black, takedown recurve bow.
  • Oliver Queen’s Crossbow: Oliver used a crossbow once when he was in the elevator shaft, when he was in the building of Merlyn Global Group, while using one of his grappling hook bolts and swinging across the elevator shaft. It is shown to be strong enough to hold 2 people, like Oliver and Felicity Smoak.
  • Customized Hunting Arrows: Oliver, as The Arrow, uses as his signature weapon of choice numerous types of green arrows, which he creates and designs himself. Combined with his customized Recurve Bow or Carbon Fiber Long Bow to fulfill his promise and mission he made to his father before his death. He carries arrows and flechettes (miniature projectiles stored on gauntlets, the equivalent of throwing knives) that add up to 24 in number. After becoming a member of the League of Assassins, Oliver now uses black arrows.
  • Trick arrows: Oliver has used custom-designed arrows such as incendiary arrows that explode on contact. On occasions, he has also been known to use arrows embedded with recording and listening devices.
  • Quiver: A green arrow container strapped to Oliver’s back. He uses it to carry his arrows as The Arrow. After becoming a member of the League of Assassins, Oliver now uses a black quiver to carry his arrows.
  • Flechette: Oliver, as The Arrow, carries flechettes or the equivalent to darts to disarm people. For example in “Honor Thy Father”, he uses one to disarm Quentin of his gun. He carries it around his forearm. It is unknown what materials it is made from. In Season 2, it can be assumed that Oliver may carry some trick fletchettes as well e.g. in “Identity”, he uses smoke producing ones to assist in his escape from the police.
  • Swords: In “Suicidal Tendencies”, Oliver was seen in the Arrowcave training with a katana, likely to sharpen his swordsman skills. After becoming a member of the League of Assassins, Oliver now wields a sword as most members do. His sword is a Chinese Dao.
  • Arrow suit: Oliver wears a protective suit as The Arrow, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. Later, Cisco Ramon designed a new costume made with a polymer Kevlar weave. It is 25% lighter and can carry 15% more gear.
  • Arrow Gauntlets: These gauntlets are used by Oliver (as his heroic alter-ego The Arrow) to carry his flechettes.
  • Arrow Mask: Designed by Barry Allen, it is made from a compressible micro-fabric. This has the ability to conceal Oliver’s identity more effectively than the previously used grease paint and has no restrictions on his visual field while on the run or aiming arrows.
  • League of Assassins suit: Oliver wears a protective suit, used by the members of the League of Assassins, as Al Sah-him,
  • Voice Filter: Oliver uses this device to disguise his voice, when ever he was talking to people, who knows what his voice sounds like, as The Arrow.
  • Ghost Phone: Oliver uses this Ghost Phone to call Quentin, from the other ghost phone that he gave him anonymously, when ever he needs his help. When he called Quentin it is shown that it uses the same voice changer technology that Oliver uses to disguise his voice as The Arrow, whenever he was talking to people who know what his voice sounds like. On 2 occasions it was used by Laurel. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver.
  • Oliver Queen’s motorcycle: Oliver uses a motorcycle to get around Starling City, when he is out on patrol as The Arrow. It is unknown if this is his civilian motorbike.
  • Lian Yu Herbs: Oliver brought back herbs with him from Lian Yu that could counteract most types of drugs and poisons and even heal infections.
  • Blood draining equipment: Oliver had blood draining equipment which he continually used to drain small amounts of his blood to store away for medical emergencies.
  • Smoke Bombs: Oliver used a smoke bomb in his fight against Nyssa, to temporarily blind her eyesight, after he became Al Sah-him and a member of the League of Assassins.
Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh)

Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh)

Eobard Thawne, nicknamed the Reverse-Flash, is a supervillain from the future who traveled back into the past to kill Barry Allen as a child. While attempting to do so, he battled the future Flash, who transported his younger self away to safety whilst an angry Eobard escaped after killing Nora Allen. When he tried to escape back to his time, however, Eobard lost his super-speed, becoming stranded in the 21st century.

Assuming Harrison Wells’ identity, he forged a life for himself as a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs eventually becoming the Director and pushed through for the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure that Barry Allen becomes the Flash and teach him to increase his speed so that he could return to his own time in the future.

His powers include:

  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Eobard gained the powers of the Speed Force, which lets him run at extraordinary speeds. The Speed Force also granted him intricate powers such as intangibility and time traveling. It is unknown how Eobard obtained the powers of the Speed Force.
    • Superhuman speed: Eobard can move stupendously fast and is significantly faster than Barry currently. Barry said that he’s so fast that he could kill everyone in the police precinct in seconds. He is so fast that he can be at two places at once. His bodily control can also vibrate his entire body to mask his body from others clearly perceiving it and even distort his vocal cords to disguise his voice.
    • Rapid cellular regeneration: Eobard’s fast healing was displayed when the wounds inflicted upon him had vanished almost instantly after putting on the tachyonic device on his suit. Without the tachyon device, he healed completely in an hour and not instantly. Harrison’s wounds from being attacked with the force of a speeding car by the “Man In Yellow” were completely gone without a trace afterwards, which he covered up by isolating himself to avoid speculation of any kind.
    • Extreme force generation: By building up enough physical forces from his body, Reverse-Flash is able to deal very punishing blows. Even Barry Allen with his accelerated recovery abilities was quickly pummeled to the point he was unable to fight back. He generated enough force in his movements to almost completely breach a radioactive force field though he only managed to grab Harrison and pull him in to beat him up and leave him severely injured. Harrison’s injuries looked similar to that of a person hit by a car, suggesting that he was attacked with similar force. This ability allowed him to exert inhuman physical strength with almost absolute ease. He has used this to break the necks of security guards in a way that create traces of blood around the room. The blood splatter was shown to indicate that the guards were killed by high impact. Eobard can move and vibrate any part of his body so fast that his arm can become as powerful as a sharp object and deal out similar damage. Mason Bridge instantly died from a gaping wound in his chest when Eobard impaled him on his arm while accelerating his movements and vibrating. If there is a surface he can touch, Eobard can defy physical forces by generating his own and accelerate his movement in a away that allows the opposing force to pass him or move through him, giving him immunity to damaged caused by indirect physical force as long as he generates proper amounts of force and moves fast enough. He can avoid death by high impact by accelerating his movement and move away from the object of impact and be unaffected. He did this when moving against Barry when he fought him at super speed while in the air. They both landed on the ground unharmed by moved to fast to be affected by the force of impact. Accelerating his movement, allowing Eobard to physically exert himself with inhuman ease, allowing him to perform feats of inhuman physical force and not experience any strain, though he must still accelerate his movement or exert the force right after he stops accelerating himself. He does not need to accelerate all of his body to enhance his force and momentum, as he could generate inhuman amounts of friction and kinetic energy by vibrating only one part of his body, an example being his hands.
    • Molecular vibration: Eobard has the ability to some or all vibrate his molecules on command, with varying effects based on the speed and intensity of the vibration.
    • Accelerated perception: Eobard’s speed also extends to his senses and mental capacities, allowing him to take in information and process it at much faster rates than a normal human. This ability allows Harrison to see the world as if it is in slow motion, which, combined with his physical speed, lets him perform thoughts and actions long before a normal human around him could even perceive them. Even Harrison was having troubles keeping up with how fast Shawna’s cells were moving when he was trying to look at them.
    • Intangibility: Eobard can move and vibrate any part of his body so fast, that he can phase himself through people or objects. Before Barry changed time, Eobard killed Cisco by putting his arm through his chest and either stopping his heart with the electricity that came from his body or damaging his heart by making his arm as powerful as a blade. It is unclear how exactly Eobard killed him with this power, as their was no trace of blood and no clear wound or damage was seen.
    • Speed mirage: Eobard can move so fast he can create lifelike “after-images” of himself, allowing him to literally be in two places at once. Thawne used this ability to appear as the Reverse-Flash, seemingly beating Harrison almost to death.
    • Time travel: Eobard traveled through time to 2000 to kill Barry, but killed Nora in his anger and frustration and failing to kill Barry yet again. After Eobard lost his connection to the Speed Force, he was trapped in the 21st century and devised a plan to return to his proper century by time traveling.
    • Electrical generation: By generating enough friction in his body or on specific part of it, Eobard can produce a large, concentrated amount of red electricity and static. He can then unleash the accumulated energy on a target to deliver a strong static shock. Eobard also creates greater amounts of static from his body than normal do to his enhanced movements and fast molecules. He could use this in combination with his ability to phase through objects to send static and electricity directly into it or with his ability to move and vibrate fast enough to increase the physical damage he causes, to further the effectiveness and applications of these abilities. He possibly used this to stop Cisco’s heart as he put his arm in his chest, as his arm was generating red electricity while he did this. While generating static and electricity on his hand, he touched a computer and short-circuited it.
Ra's Al Ghul (Matt Nable)

Ra’s Al Ghul (Matt Nable)

Ra’s al Ghul” (Arabic: رأس الغول‎ Raʾs al-Ġūl; Demon’s Head; born before 1854)[1] is the title of an otherwise unnamed man who is the leader of the League of Assassins. He had inherited the title from a predecessor. He is also the husband of a late unnamed woman, the father of a late unnamed boy, a late unnamed girl, and Nyssa al Ghul, and the best friend and former rival of Damien Darhk.

His abilities include:

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled fighter and assassin, Ra’s is shown to be in top physical condition. Ra’s is shown to be very quick, able to catch a sudden sword strike Nyssa used in an attempt to kill him.
  • League of Assassins training: Being the leader of the League, Ra’s would have the highest level of training any assassin could.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s is highly proficient and experienced in unarmed combat. During his death match against Oliver Queen, Ra’s calmly faced his opponent unarmed, he dodged sword strikes with his hands behind his back and overwhelmed Oliver with multiple precise strikes before he disarmed him. He also mentioned, despite Oliver having fought him for a couple of minutes, he survived longer than most of his opponents.
  • Master swordsman: As the leader of the League of Assassins, Ra’s is a master swordsman. During a fight against eight men, he easily defeated them in just ten seconds killing them. Against Oliver in their death match, Ra’s was able to repeatedly catch Oliver off guard and slash him.
  • Master archer: Ra’s is shown to be a master archer, he is very proficient in archery, when he posed asThe Arrow.
  • Master tactician/Leader: Ra’s was able to predict the stealth attack on Nanda Parbat, and trapped Oliver and Diggle when they came for Malcolm. Ra’s is also a great leader, as he has led the organization for an unknown number of years with success since he accepted the offer of becoming the next leader of the League of Assassins, from the organization’s previous leader. He is able to recognize the internal conflicts in people and can use that to his advantage. He was able to predict the adversity of Oliver and used this while attempting to convince him to take his offer. Ra’s later performed killings dressed as The Arrow to frame Oliver and make the city turn against him.
  • High tolerance for pain: Ra’s was able to catch a sword strike by Oliver during their duel, an act which shocked the latter, with his bare hands.
  • Multilingual: Ra’s is capable of fluently speaking English and Arabic.
  • Stealth: Ra’s was able to appear in Thea’s loft without her being aware of it.

Ra’s Al Ghul carries a decorated, double-edged sword as his side arm.

Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman)

Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman)

Malcolm Merlyn (born 1960), also known as the Dark Archer, is the father of the late Tommy Merlyn and Thea Queen, the husband of the late Rebecca Merlyn, the best friend turned enemy of the late Robert Queen, and the close friend and lover turned enemy of the late Moira Queen. He was trained by the League of Assassins, taking the name Al Sa-Her ( الساحر Arabic for Magician). Malcolm is a wealthy and successful businessman who is CEO of Merlyn Global Group, and is a prominent figure in Starling City. Secretly, however, he is planning the “Undertaking” – fueled by the death of his wife during a mugging in the crime – infested area of Starling City called “The Glades”. Malcolm plots with others to completely destroy the Glades, and the thousands of people living in it, with an artificial earthquake to avenge her. He eventually succeeded though he was presumed dead from his fight with Oliver Queen.

He eventually revealed himself to be alive to Moira because as it turned out, he is Thea’s biological father and he sought redemption with her. Instead, Moira revealed to the League of Assassins that Malcolm was in fact alive and he is now running from them. After some time, he is no longer hunted by the League due to the fact that Ra’s al Ghul has wiped out his blood debt. He later becomes an uneasy ally of Team Arrow, but his villainous nature means he is unpredictable he will alternate between saving them and betraying them without a moment’s notice.

His abilities include:

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a highly skilled assassin, Malcolm is shown to be in top physical condition. In all three of his confrontations with Oliver, Malcolm has demonstrated to be quite a match if not a superior fighter. In their first confrontation, Malcolm was strong enough to severely injure Oliver and was able to break three of Oliver’s ribs by kicking him in the abdomen repeatedly. He has also demonstrated sufficiently high enough strength to break Oliver’s bow in half with a single strike and knead a steel beam with a single kick. His reflexes allowed him to dodged or catch an arrow shot at him by Oliver Queen, (a feat that only highly skilled individuals have accomplished). Despite defeating him twice, Malcolm says that Oliver, due to his youth, is faster than he is.
  • League of Assassins training: Malcolm has gone through the training all League members do. He likely possesses skills with a variety of other melee weapons such as swords,
  • Master archer: As the Dark Archer, Malcolm proved himself as an expert archer with astounding archery skills, a feat acknowledged by Oliver seeing how tightly grouped the arrows shot to Adam’s body were. He was able to shoot three arrows at once and pin Nyssa to the wall by her clothing without injuring her. He was successfully able to catch Oliver off guard and wound him. Because of this, Malcolm’s archery skills can be considered equivalent if not superior to Oliver’s. He uses a customized compound bow. He was even able to combine his CQC techniques with his archer abilities to pin down Nyssa without killing her.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Malcolm is shown to be a highly skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, learned from the League of Assassins during his time in Nanda Parbat and other training he received elsewhere. He was able to incapacitate two Chinese Triad members (disarmed one and kill the other with his own gun). Malcolm was able to best Oliver in hand-to-hand combat once, even knocking him out after a brutal fight in their second encounter. When confronted by Nyssa he was able to dodge her swordstrike and throw her to the floor in an instant. His skill in combat seemed to have surpassed most members of the League. One of the few persons that is able to beat him is Ra’s al Ghul.
  • Stealth: As a highly trained assassin Malcolm was shown to be highly skilled in stealth. This was shown as he was able to approach and kill targets without being noticed. After his first fight against Oliver he escaped the scene without being seen.
  • Skilled tactician/Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen: In his daily life, Malcolm was the CEO of Merlyn Global Group, overseeing its daily activities and ensuring its success as a multi-billionaire corporation. Malcolm has proven himself to be remarkably clever when it comes to devising plans and battle strategies, He even managed to catch Oliver off guard on at least 2 occasions and was almost able to kill him. One of Malcolm’s plans involves the deaths of thousands of people living in the Glades, however, after he found out Oliver is The Arrow, and that he knew about The Undertaking and the Markov Device, he accelerated his plan to level the Glades that same night. As a fail-safe for his master plan (and in an attempt to maximize devastation upon the area) he had a second device placed in the east sector of the Glades, devoted to leveling this sector.
  • Master swordsman: Malcolm is trained and highly skilled with a variety of swords. In “Muse of Fire”, Malcolm was shown fencing with experience, also in “Trust but Verify”, Malcolm’s secret room where he keeps his Dark Archer equipment was shown to house several racks of swords of various kinds. He was able to easily beat both Oliver and Thea at once while sparring with swords.
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Using his will he is able to ignore pain and can pour hot water over his hand without flinching. Despite his high tolerance for pain, after he was captured by the League, Malcolm was badly tortured that he was barely conscious after the torture, and tried to tell Oliver and John it was a trap.
  • Network: Malcolm has a very high network of people all over Starling City, including one in the coroner’s office, which he used to fake his death.
  • Multilingual: Malcolm is fluent in English, Spanish, and Arabic.
  • Toxicology: Malcolm was able to use Vitura to brainwash Thea and have her kill Sara without remembering it.
  • Expert computer hacker: Malcolm was able to spy on the computers in the Arrowcave without Felicity being aware of it.
  • Skilled magician: Malcolm can perform slight-of-hand magic trick including making a coin seemingly appear out of nowhere.

The equipment Malcolm Merlyn employs are:

  • Customized PSE Chaos AD Compound Bow: Malcolm. as the Dark Archer, uses his signature weapon of choice: A Customized Compound bow.
  • Customized Hunting Arrows: Malcolm creates and designs his arrows himself. The arrows he used have arrow heads with three “Teflon-coated titanium blades” on each arrow, with the blades serrated for splitting bones, and the shaft itself is made of “specialized polymer stronger than typical carbon fiber”. As such, it is safe to assume that the arrows he uses are deadlier than those used by The Arrow.
  • Trick arrows: In “Streets of Fire”, shortly after his return, Malcolm uses an explosive arrow to save Thea and seemingly kill one of Slade’s Mirakuru henchmen.
  • Quiver: A black arrow container strapped to Malcolm’s back. He uses it to carry his arrows as his villain alter-ego, the Dark Archer.
  • Throwing Knives: When fighting Oliver and John, Malcolm utilized double-bladed throwing knives.
  • Swords: Malcolm uses a huge variaty of swords from different cultures. He first used a scimitar to kill two police officers, during his third fight with Oliver. Malcolm was shown using a scimitar against Oliver, though he was very quickly disarmed by Oliver. While training Thea they used both Japanese and Chinese swords. When preparing to kill Brickwell he carried a Chinese Dao.
  • League of Assassins suit: Malcolm wears a protective suit, used by the members of the League of Assassins, as his villain alter-ego, the Dark Archer, to hide his identity from his victims. The majority of the materials it’s made out of are unknown, with the exception of Kevlar.
  • Voice Filter: Malcolm uses this device to change his voice regardless of who he spoke to as the Dark Archer. This could be for the purposes of intimidation as it changed his voice to a deep, low growl.
  • Smoke Bombs: After incapicating Nyssa, he threw a smoke bomb to quickly escape the scene.
Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell)

Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell)

Mick Rory, nicknamed Heat Wave, is a pyromaniac criminal and accomplice of Leonard Snart (Captain Cold).

His abilities include:

  • Expert marksman: Mick has the skill to hit multiple police officers, although they were using shields to protect themselves at the time.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Despite his unstable and hot-headed demeanour, Mick is a very capable unarmed fighter. When seemingly taken captive by a mafia boss, he and Leonard quickly broke free and killed all of the mafia boss and most of his men with ease.

The equipment Heat Wave uses are:

  • Heat Gun: Can generate a beam of absolute hot temperature.
  • Goggles: Mick also wears a pair of black wraparound goggles, which are designed to protect his eyes from the flashes given off by his heat gun.
The Flash (Grant Gustin)

The Flash (Grant Gustin)

As a child, Barry Allen’s life was uprooted forever by the death of his mother. The police arrested his father for the crime, but Barry had seen a strange man with inhuman powers in a yellow suit commit the deed.

The death drove him to find answers, researching cases of paranormal activity and possible superhuman forces at work. He also found answers in science, getting a job as an intern with the Central City PD Crime Scene Unit. However, he was perpetually late.

Hearing about the Starling City vigilante, he looked into the stories about him, keeping a running tally of the colorful criminals he caught. He followed and developed theories as to the man’s operations. When a seemingly impossible case cropped up in Starling City, Allen used deferred sick days to travel across country, claiming that this case connected to something happening in Central City and inserting himself into the investigation.

He proved instrumental to solving the case, even meeting the vigilante and learning his secret identity. Parting with the man on cordial terms, he returned to his duties…mere seconds before Central City’s new particle accelerator backfired, showering the city with exotic radiation. In the ensuing confusion, Allen was struck by lightning, but survived. Allen was in a coma for 9 months. During the time he was in a coma, he was moved to S.T.A.R. Labs. He awoke from his coma and met Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow.  The lightning strike embedded Allen with super-speed.  He took on the mantle of The Flash.

His powers include:

  • Speed Force Conduit:
    • Accelerated Healing: Speed Force conduits are not invulnerable nor durable enough to sustain damage however if they are harmed they will heal at high speeds. Any normal wear and tear damage to their bodies are almost instantly healed.
    • Decelerated Aging: Speed Force conduits have a slowed aging process. This power can be imparted on their most intimate loved ones by extended contact rather than distribution.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Speed Force conduits can use the matter generated by their speed to create solid objects such as walls or bridges. This power requires constant concentration and reapplication of the construct for it to remain stable. Flash’s after images are also construct creations.
    • Flight: Speed Force conduits can rotate their arms and spin their bodies like tops to achieve something of a kind of helicopter flight. However, with practice conduits can even achieve controllable flight if launched at high speeds. Despite their flight abilities they are always faster on their feet.
    • Increased Perceptions: Speed Force conduits traveling at the speed of sound may miss important events as they run by. The Speed Force grants them enhanced senses that allow them to see, hear, smell, touch and/or taste at an increased speed and understand it as it is processed.
    • Infinite Mass Punch: Speed Force conduits have an increased level of strength added to their bodies which they can impart in different ways. Certain speedsters can strength each and every move they make however this requires attention and stress for each movement and therefore is almost never used. In most cases conduits can focus the Speed Force’s extra-dimensional energies into one massive punch; when used in practiced this punch pushed a metahuman from one continent to another.
    • Phasing: Speed Force conduits can vibrate their molecules so quickly that they can achieve intangibility for short bursts allowing them to phase through objects.
    • Self-Sustenance: Speed Force conduits travel at incredible speeds which cause their bodies to work overtime. In situations where their bodies may be too fast for them to breathe they may impart on the Speed Force for sustenance. However, this almost always results in the conduits having an increased metabolism at all times requiring them to constantly refill their energy supplies.
    • Sharing the Force: Speed Force conduits can allow their friends or family members to run along side them at their equaled speeds. Certain conduits who may only have minor access to the Force may achieve full levels of the Force due to the main conduit’s association with it.
    • Speed Force Aura – People who are propelled by the conduits during high-speed situations can survive the harsh conditions associated with mach speeds. When the conduit must rescue an individual from a burning building these individuals will be protected while within the aura.
    • Speed Force Conduit: People who, for whatever reason, are connected to the Speed Force are sometimes called Speed Force Conduits. This means that they are connected to the Speed Force and are tethered to it. Some characters may control their Speed Force imparted powers in different ways such as only Superhuman Strength or even directed through Lighting but no matter their adaptions they are still connected to the Force.
    • Steal Speed: Speed Force conduits can steal the accelerated motion or momentum from objects or people to reduce their speed or even virtually stop them. Conduits may also steal the speed from other Speedsters or other fast-moving people.
    • Supercharged Brain Activity: Sometimes neglected by Speedsters who only operate at superhuman speeds and never slow down enough to understand their full potential; Speedsters can access superhuman levels in their brains further than processing information. They can test theories, understand difficult equations and run trial and error in their brains at superhuman speeds. Different conduits access this activity in different ways.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Speed Force conduits have to access the Speed Force for a number of different tasks. Most Speedsters use their superhuman speed and react at superhuman speeds; therefore, they must run for extended periods or operate for a large amount of time. Their bodies can handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress.
    • Superhuman Speed: Speed Force conduits have one main ability above all else. Conduits are connected to the barrier and accumulation of all Speed known in their universe. These characters immediately understand how to run at superhuman speeds and their bodies instinctively understand how to react at high-speed situations. Older speedsters have a reduced but maxed speed of 770mph which is just below sonic booms allowing them to react to situations without causing civilians undo stress. Speedsters in their prime can travel at much faster speeds such as the max level of recorded aided speed on Earth and even reach the speed of light with enough willpower. It is possible for conduits to travel much faster than the speed of light however such levels require an incredible amount of stress. Speedsters unaccustomed to their max level of speeds may detach themselves from the Speed Force or even become part of the Speed Force by accident.
    • Vortex Creations: Speed Force conduits that plant themselves on the ground and rotate their extremities can cause an incredible amount of wind to burst through their focused funnel. Most Speedsters use this ability automatically when they run reducing the air currents around their body to low enough levels to no longer inhibit their speed. Creatively, Speedsters can create tornadoes and gusts with their arms.
Firestorm (Robbie Amell)

Firestorm (Robbie Amell)

Firestorm is the name used by two transmuted men, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, together creating a nuclear-powered meta-human. Through transmutation, the two men were merged into one body, but with both streams of consciousness present. Prior to naming himself, Firestorm was referring to by spectators as the “man on fire” and “the burning man”.

The conjoining was caused due to a mix between previously theoretical particles carrying Ronnie Raymond interacting with Professor Martin Stein, who held a scientific object, relating to his transmutation project, F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M., the namesake of the pairing. The quantum splicing that keeps Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein together, and allows them to produce nuclear energy to use their meta-human powers, is referred to the Firestorm Matrix.

His powers and abilities include:


  • Nuclear physiology: Firestorm gets his powers from the nuclear energy his body creates. This energy is the source of his pyrokinetic powers.
    • Flame Generation: As Firestorm, Ronnie generates flames from his head and hands. He can deliver concussive blasts of flames from his hands.
    • Flight: Firestorm can soar through the sky at high speeds using jets of flame that he generates from his hands as propulsion.
    • Nuclear explosion: When Firestorm was separated by the tachyonic prototype, he caused a nuclear explosion that separated Ronnie and Stein. It is unknown if he can willingly cause an explosion of this magnitude.


  • Expert engineer: As Ronnie Raymond, Firestorm is an expert in engineering, as evidenced by the fact that he help Harrison Wells build the particle accelerator.
  • Skilled in using Morse code: As Martin Stein, Firestorm is familiar enough and able to construct Morse code messages without having to look it up.
  • Multilingual: As Ronnie, Firestorm is capable of fluently speaking English and French.


  • Ionized radiation: The Firestorm Matrix can be destabilized by bombarding its cellular structure with ionized radiation, temporarily disabling Firestorm’s powers.

The weapon Firestorm uses is a Tachyon prototype: Originally used by Eobard Thawne to recharge his speed, he ultimately chose to turn it into a quantum splicer to help separate Firestorm so they would not go nuclear. While the separation was successful it was found that the device could also be used to re-emerge the two into Firestorm should the need arise.

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller)

Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller)

Leonard Snart, nicknamed Captain Cold (or simply, Cold), is a world-class thief from Central City. He is also the older brother of Lisa Snart.

His abilities include:

  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician: Snart’s most noticeable and dangerous trait is high intellect, making him a threat even to metahumans like The Flash. Very calculating and methodical in every action he takes, Snart is infamous for analyzing and preparing for events well in advance. He is able to plan for every plausible detail several steps ahead and even when new variables come into play, he can calmly change tactics to escape unscathed. Likewise, he is highly adept in misdirections and subtle manipulations of his targets/enemies to suite his plans. Despite dropping out of high school, Snart has repeatedly shown an advanced knowledge of various subjects, including biology and engineering, able to at least understand the nature to which they operate.
  • Eidetic memory: In his nature for preparation, Snart has repeatedly displayed an unusually adept memory, being capable of memorizing the details of every job before mobilizing simply by analyzing the information. For more regular use, Snart is able to memorizing every last meticulous detail of the highly technologically to personally perform regular maintenance and repairs without the need of instructions or schematics.
  • Expert thief: Over the years of criminal experience, Snart has mastered the art of thieving, from armored car heists, jewel theft and bank robbery, he displays the utmost skill.
  • Expert marksman: While normally preferring to avoid killing when not necessary as to not sully his plans, Snart is more than proficient with a gun. After making the cold gun his signature weapon, Snart showed considerable aim and tactical usage of the gun, even against the Flash, able to hit his enemy, despite the former moving at superhuman speed.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Despite his composed demeanour, Snart is a very capable unarmed fighter. When seemingly taken captive by a mafia boss, he and Rory quickly broke free and killed all of the mafia boss and most of his men with ease while his hands were still bound.

The weapons he uses are:

  • Cold Gun: Can generate a beam of absolute zero temperature, freezing whatever it touches and creating solid objects of ice. It can also slow down the motion of The Flash’s molecules, retarding his accelerated healing and vastly reducing his speed. It also gives off bright white flashes.
  • Goggles: Snart also wears a pair of blue wraparound goggles, which are designed to protect his eyes from the flashes given off by his cold gun.
Black Canary (Katie Cassidy)

Black Canary (Katie Cassidy)

Dinah Laurel Lance (born November 15, 1985) known as simply Laurel Lance, is a former legal aid attorney, as well as a current assistant district attorney working under an unnamed District Attorney. Laurel is the daughter of Dinah and Quentin Lance, the older sister of the late Sara Lance, the ex-girlfriend, the close friend and on/off love interest of Oliver Queen, the ex-girlfriend and the close friend of the late Tommy Merlyn, and the best friend of fellow lawyer Joanna de la Vega.

After the death of her sister Sara, Laurel received training in combat from Ted Grant and became a vigilante, joining Team Arrow. In the field, she operates under the codename Black Canary. She has been referred to by the media as the Woman in black. She was being trained by Nyssa al Ghul; until the latter was captured by Oliver (who is actually going undercover), Maseo Yamashiro and a team of assassins to bring Nyssa back to Nanda Parbat by force.

Her abilities include:

  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Laurel received extensive hand-to-hand combat training. This is because Quentin made her take self-defense classes. Becoming a vigilante, she later begun increasing her skills in boxing and combat via training under Ted Grant. This training allowed her to fight crime as Black Canary, however she still ends up getting injured, though she proves a match against common Red Scarfs. Recently, Laurel has shown being able to trade blows with Nyssa al Ghul. She nonetheless complimented Laurel’s fighting skills and offers her further training like how Sara was trained. Laurel’s fighting skills improved enough to hold her own against three street thugs and in Nanda Parbat holding her own against three League of Assassin members.
  • Expert lawyer/Detective: These help Laurel to use the system of the court to her knowledge. It also makes her look at every aspect before making up her mind, and to see the bright side of everyone. They also help her in her quest to find the truth about Sebastian Blood.
  • Skilled markswoman/Firearms: Laurel’s father taught her how to use guns and Laurel is shown to possess several firearms. She uses the shotgun on Mr. Blank possibly to slow him down long enough for the Vigilante to rescue them. She later kills Officer Daily, which makes her a skilled markswoman.
  • Skilled stick fighter: While starting to become a vigilante Laurel used a stick in her first fight. She later used the bo-staff of Sara, which she later replaced for a police baton. Through trial and error Laurel slowly became skilled in using a stick in combat. However, her stick fighting skills, are still nowhere near her late sister’s level.

The equipment Black Canary uses are:

  • Guns: Laurel is very proficient in using guns.
  • Black Canary suit: Laurel wears a black leather suit while fighting crime as Black Canary. The suit is a modified version of the one used by her late sister. She also wears the black mask and the blond wig to hide her identity from her enemies.
  • Nightstick: Laurel later used a nightstick like the one used by police officers. She is able to wield this weapon proficiently while fighting thugs.
  • Canary Cry: An updated version of the sonic device that both Sara and Laurel used. This device was made by Cisco Ramon as a favor to Laurel.
  • Expandable Batons: After taking her role as Black Canary, Laurel took Sara’s bo-staff to fight crime. The staff consists of a pair of expandable batons to fight. They are able to combine into a bo-staff. Laurel later abandoned this weapon in favor of a side-handle baton.
  • Sonic device: Laurel used the sonic device of her late sister to stun two criminals and break their car windows. Laurel later abandoned this device when she asked Cisco to make her a modified version the sonic device.
The Atom (Brandon Routh)

The Atom (Brandon Routh)

Ray Palmer is a businessman and the CEO of Palmer Technologies. Ray is also the former fiancé of the late Anna and the ex-boyfriend of Felicity Smoak. Using a powerful exosuit, he has begun to act as a vigilante around Starling City, self-named The Atom.

His abilities include:

  • High physical condition: Ray is shown to be physically fit. He works out regularly and trains on the salmon ladder. He has the body of someone who engages in frequent, strenuous exercise.
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen: Ray is very intelligent, having an IQ of 140 and three PhDs. He has proven by his ability to lead a billion dollar enterprise with success. Ray is also a skilled businessman, being able to lead a billion dollar enterprise with success. He recognizes skilled people and is excellent at recruiting them for his cause.
  • Charismatic: Using his charm and speech he was able to persuade the board to make him CEO. With a huge amount of effort he was able to get Felicity to work for him.
  • Master engineer: Ray has proven to be a master in engineering as he was able to design his complicated suit.
  • Hand-to-hand combatant: Ray has some experience in unarmed combat, since he was able to hit Oliver in flight.

The weapon The Atom uses is the A.T.O.M. Exosuit: Ray wears an exosuit as his heroic alter-ego, The Atom, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It was designed by Ray himself, the armor is made out of dwarf star alloy, making it strong enough to withstand damage from bullets, arrows and explosions.

Arsenal (Colton Haynes)

Arsenal (Colton Haynes)

Roy William Harper, Jr. (born 1991), referred to as simply Roy Harper, is a street-savvy young man from the Glades. He is the son of the late Roy Harper, Sr. and Mrs. Harper, the boyfriend of Thea Queen, a good friend of Sin, a good friend and the current protégé of Oliver Queen, and the former protégé and friend of the late Sara Lance.

Roy was injected with the Mirakuru, becoming a human weapon gaining a variety of powers including super-strength, endurance and rapid cell regeneration. He was later cured by a counter-serum developed by S.T.A.R. Labs.

He became Oliver’s sidekick and vigilante partner with the codename Arsenal up until the point where he masqueraded as The Arrow and faked his death. Having no choice, Roy left the team and Starling City to begin a new life under the name Jason whether he will maintain this name since leaving his job as a mechanic is unknown.

His abilities include:

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a street fighter and vigilante, Roy is shown to be in top physical condition from his intense exercises in the Arrowcave. Due to his youth, Roy is faster than Oliver.
  • Honed sense: Roy was able to pick up The Arrow’s presence who was behind him without needing to see him.
  • Tolerance for pain: Having spent years fighting in the streets and having spent much of his time as a vigilante, Roy has been injured countless times, resulting in him developing an incredible tolerance for pain.
  • Free running/Acrobatics: In “Dodger”, when attempting to flee from Thea and Laurel, Roy showed he could easily scale a fence multiple meters high in one fluid movement, making use of a nearby wall to provide leverage. In “Broken Dolls”, Roy is shown to be fast enough to catch up with Sin. In the season 3 premiere, he does a double flip off a car. During fights he used no handed carthwheels and b twists.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Roy is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, starting as a streetfighter his skills increased due to him being trained by Oliver and Sara. He has great mastery in battle, that allows him to fight with Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers of Slade army in “Unthinkable”. In “Corto Maltese”, he is shown to be able more than hold his own against A.R.G.U.S soldiers. Like Oliver he uses his bow as a melee weapon and has been shown training with Eskrima sticks and using them in his fight against Komodo and Digger Harkness. In “Broken Arrow”, Roy was able to will handcuffed swiftly defeat three much larger inmates with only a minor wound.
  • Master street fighter: Having grown up in the Glades all his life, Roy had taught himself to fight back. In “The Huntress Returns”, Roy was able to hold out on his own while fighting three thugs, even using the wall to build up centripetal force, jumping over one the thugs and strike him down. In “Sacrifice”, he took out two thugs without taking a hit from them, by flipping the second thug onto the then down first thug. In “City of Heroes”, he has shown an inability to fight more than three opponents simultaneously, including when they wield weapons. He later received training from Oliver and Sara and became a way more skilled fighter.
  • Master archer: When he joined Oliver’s vigilante team, Roy was trained in archery by Oliver, although not being any good at first he improves and manages to get lucky a few times he needs more coaching sessions from Oliver and fighting lessons. By the season 3 premiere Roy was able to shoot the tires of a moving truck without missing. When Komodo had a rope around the ankle of his target Roy was able to cut the rope with a shot.
  • Master marksman/Firearms: In “Identity”, Roy is shown to be skilled enough to throw a flechette, straight at Oliver’s face (under the guise of The Arrow), which Oliver managed to catch, Roy has good accuracy despite the fact that he was not trained in archery at that time. He later received training from Oliver and became a much more skilled marksman. It can be assumed that Roy skilled in the use of firearms, as he used to own several different types of firearms.
  • Master stick fighter: Roy is shown to be a formidable stick fighter, as seen from his fights in “Sara”, and “The Brave and the Bold”, against Simon Lacroix and Digger Harkness. He was trained by Oliver and possibly Sara Lance.
  • Master scout: Roy is an extremely capable scout. Combined with his training, Oliver regularly sends him out alone to scout Starling City for any crimes. He was also capable of even tracking Nyssa, a high figure in the League of Assassins seemingly without her knowing.
  • Expert driving skills: Roy has the ability to drive multiple vehicles, and appears to be skilled at it. He is able to pursue enemies in various ways using different vehicles, known to be of a car or a motorcycle.
  • First aid: Roy is shown to be skilled in first aid, being able to sew up slashes due to the fact that he was taught by John Diggle.

The equipment employed by Arsenal include:

  • Customized Recurve Bow: Roy was trained in archery by Oliver Queen and use in battle his own bow, red in color. He has a great shooting speed, and can successfully use this in close combat. Despite that he recently became trained, Roy already has quite a serious success, which is enough to fight against the army of Slade. Roy demonstrated greater accuracy and speed shots.
  • Wooden Bow: In “The Promise” and “Deathstroke”, Roy used this bow during his training in archery, it is unknown what type of bow It is.
  • Customized Hunting Arrows: Like his vigilante partner and teacher, Roy uses customized arrows.
  • Trick arrows: In battle with Slade Wilson’s army, he uses trick arrows with Mirakuru cure heads. He also uses other arrowheads.
  • Flechette: Roy received his first Flechette after The Arrow, saved his life from the psychotic Joseph Falkaka The Savior, Roy keeps it as a reminder that the Arrow saved his life, and he owes him everything. He later painted it red so he would not get this Flechette confused with one of the Arrow’s flechettes, which are green. Roy used it as a way to contact the Arrow before he discovered Oliver’s identity, and joined his team. By the season 3 premiere Roy has multiple flechettes that are red.
  • Combat Knife: By the season 3 premiere Roy carries a combat knife.
  • Red jacket with hood: As an outfit, Roy uses a red jacket with a hood that hides his face. This is a reference to the DC comic book, where Roy uses red outfit, which distinguishes it from the Green Arrow.
  • Arsenal Costume: Roy wears a costume as his heroic alter-ego, Arsenal, to hide his identity from his enemies, when he goes out fighting crime. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver or Felicity, though it was made by Lodai. It is also unknown what materials it is made from; with the exception of Kevlar. It seems to resemble the costumes worn by his mentors, Oliver (The Arrow) and Sara (The Canary). In “This is your sword,” he gave the costume to Thea, claiming that red looked better on her.
  • Arsenal Mask: Roy wears a mask to hide his identity from enemies, like Oliver and Sara. His mask is a dark red/brown in color to match his hoodie. It is made from a compressible micro-fabric. This has the ability to conceal Roy’s identity very effectively, it has no restrictions on his visual field while on the run or aiming arrows. It is unknown if it was designed by Oliver or Felicity.
  • Quiver: Roy has brown arrow container, to carry his arrows with him.
  • Eskrima Sticks: As his vigilante alter-ego, Arsenal, Roy carries two eskrima sticks strapped to both his lower legs. In “Sara”, he used them to fight Simon Lacroix (Komodo), and in “The Brave and the Bold”, to fight Digger Harkness (Captain Boomerang).
  • Throwing Knives: Roy has 4 throwing knives strapped round his thigh.
  • Roy Harper’s motorcycle: In “Sara” and “Guilty” Roy, when he is on patrol as Arsenal, is seen riding a motorcycle to get around Starling City.
  • Voice Filter: Roy uses this device to disguise his voice, regardless of who he speaks to as Arsenal.


Season three finale of Arrow is tomorrow (Wednesday, May 13th) and The Flash’s remaining episodes for its freshman season are tonight (May 12th) and next week’s finale (May 19th).

All bios courtesy of the Arrow/Flash DC Wikia.

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