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NFL Football Helmets in the Star Wars Universe #StarWars

by Jason Bennett
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As a treat for Star Wars Day today, I present to you the 32 helmets of the NFL according to the Star Wars universe.  Created and designed by Mexican artist John Raya, these helmets have been given the Star Wars touch and cover most of the well-known characters from the film franchise.  Personally, I’d love to see the Raxus Prime Jawas on the gridiron.  Enjoy and may the force be with you!

Affa Androids
Ylesia Reeks
Yinchorr Royal Guards
Yavin Rebels
Yavin 4 X-Wings
Toydaria Wattos
Tatooine Tusken Raiders
Tatooine Banthas
Shili Togrutas
Ryloth Twileks
Ryloth Interceptors
Ryloth Droidekas
Rodia Greedos
Raxus Prime Jawas
Nal Hutta Hutts
Naboo Gungans
Mygeeto Siths
Mos Eisley Troopers
Malastare Dugs
Kuat Walkers
Kashyyyk Wookies
Iridonia Zabraks
Hoth Wampas
Hoth Tauntauns
Geonosis B1s
Endor Ewoks
Dxun Mandalorians
Dorin Lightsabers
Dathomir Rancors
Dagobah Yodas
Coruscant Vaders
Coruscant Jedis

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