Check Out These Awesome Batman Cowl Replicas #Batman

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batman cowlsIf you are a Batman fan, then you want to check out these replica cowls over at Entertainment Earth. They are all full scale.

You can’t wear them, but you can line the full scale replicas up for display in your secret lair. Unfortunately this means that your guests are probably going to look at you a little oddly after they hang up their coats.

Batman Arkham Origins Cowl

batman-arkham-origins-mask-cowlLimited to a run of just 500 pieces, this cowl is modeled after the one worn in Batman: Arkham Origins. It shows the scarring of many battles and comes displayed on a Batcave base. The Batcave has working LED lights and metal display screens.

This cowl is hand-finished and painted to amazing detail. It’s a shame that it is for display only.

Batman 1989 Movie Cowl

1989-batman-cowlThis amazing replica is based off of the one worn by Michael Keaton’s Batman in the 1989 movie. Production is limited to 750 pieces with only 100 of them distributed within the U.S.

The stand is a simple bat shape, but it doesn’t need to be fancy to display this highly detailed piece of work by Emmy award winner, Hiroshi Katagiri.

Batman Forever Movie Cowl

batman-forever-cowlThis is a replica of the Val Kilmer Batman Forever movie and is modeled off of a 3D scan of the original movie prop. Just be grateful they stopped the scan before they got to the nipples. This cowl is limited to a run of 500 pieces, so better get your order in while you can.