C2E2 Day 2 Cosplay Pics #C2E2 #Cosplay

Here are a few quick pics from Day 2 of C2E2. Stayed tuned… there will be plenty more where these came from:

V big hero 6 deadpools dot matrix and Elrick brothers garth gauntlet hamburgler hawkman jessica elvira wonderwoman K9 Lana marvin megaman nightcrawler pam poovey sayan sesane street tron turtle meets dink


  1. Your collection of photos is fantastic. The gold C3PO-meets-Julie-Andrews one is my favorite from the entire weekend. The Sesame Street gang and that Hamburglet (whom I didn’t see in person at C2E2) make me smile big time. Thank you so much for posting/shari.g these with the rest of us.

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