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Ninjak Overview #Ninjak #Valiant

by Christian Kern
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Move over 007 there’s a new guy in town! That’s right, if you like secret agents and ninjas then Ninjak is the book for you. It’s like James Bond with a katana.

Ninjak is fast paced and quick moving, never a dull moment or long winded panel.

Ninjak is yet another title to come from Valiant this year. Based on the comic book of the same name and characters back in 1994. Not much has changed from then if you were a old time fanboy of Valiant like this writer and if you’re new to the character then even better because this first issue extremely reader friendly.

Valiant Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment

However, Ninjak is not new for the new Valiant, oh no. The character Ninjak made his first reappearance in X-O Man-O-War #5 in 2012, so Ninjak was there very early on the ground floor. He could then be seen as a regular in the Valiant team-up book, Unity. Finally like all good characters, Ninjak has received his own title this past March.

There is a bit of a distinction of the character between his X-O & Unity appearances and his monthly series. In those earlier appearances he seemed like a gun for hire. In this book he is more like a freelance secret agent, working more then on occasion for MI-6 British Military Intelligence. This is not much removed from his earlier incarnation in the 90s. I suspect this book will work its way in that direction where Ninjak will become a full on member of MI-6.

Ninjak by Valiant

Ninjak by Valiant

Ninjak is none other than Colin King, British millionaire playboy. What we gleam from the flashbacks; writer Matt Kindt loves slipping flashbacks to Colin’s childhood in the series so far. (With only two issues as of this coming Wednesday we are privy to a multitude of flashbacks.) We know Colin was raised by his parent’s butler. That as a child he would sneak out
and watch kung-fu flicks at the local cinema. He lives in what is called King Castle, Junction 8 off the M20. We also learn that when he was barely out of his teens (probably ages 20 or 21) he joined MI-6.

All the usual suspects are there in the book. From Colin King/ Ninjak to Nevile Alcott and who could only he his daughter, Julia (although her last name is not give in issue 1, it could only leave one to assume she is Julia Alcott, Neville’s daughter). Also some of the bad guys remain the same, like The Weaponer organization. Also a side note, one of the antagonists in the other Valiant series, Rai, Doctor Silk use to be an old Ninjak villain in the vein of Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

One of the fun things about the series so far two issues in is the first page gives us an up close look at how one of Ninjak’s accessories and gadgets work. The first issue details his ‘utility’ belt and what he keeps in it and the second issue is an example of one of his gloved gauntlets. The main story opens with Ninjak freeing another enemy agent from captivity in order to gain the faith of an international black market weapons designer. The agent’s name is Roku; she feels no pain, enjoys it as a matter of fact and has her hair genetically altered to be a deadly weapon which can cut through metal and ever decapitate men. Roku’s voice even can control men based on the amount or lack of willpower they possess. Roku completely screams of the classic pulp James Bond villains the likes of which Connery and Moore had to deal with.

Not only is Matt Kindt’s writing up to speed with what one would expect from the Valiant staff but the pencils and inks of both Clay Mann and Butch Guice add to the feel bringing Kindt’s words to life. Using very dynamic action shots on every page the action is both fluid and easy to follow when it gets into the ninja/ kung-fu side of things.

Thus proving if you like pulp spy thrillers and martial arts action then Ninjak is for you!

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