Dennis Quaid……was it a trick or not? Funny or Die prank FULLY explained.

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The “horse $#!+!” Started to fly on Tuesday when a supposed secret ‘leaked’ on-set video of a tirade from actor Dennis Quaid hit the Internet! All of the pop culture world gasp, awed and even delighted in the celebrity melt-down that had shades of Christian Bales famous on-set bitch fest of his own. For two days the world went nuts over the video!

Than came the questions of…..was it real or was it not?

Right away the blame was put on Jimmy Kimmel by TMZ for some odd reason. If this was part of the smokescreen till the fire was put to rest or just people did really think Kimmel the prankster was the mastermind, I am not clear on that yet. Anyhow, Jimmy quickly put up a denial and the mystery kept growing.
Now we come to the actual truth of the matter. Watch this Funny or Die video:

David Spade and Seth Green both posted a picture of Quaid demonstrating his now-infamous temper. Quaid held Green in a choke hold while comedian David Spade was powerless to stop everything! “You fucking zombies” this is what happens when you say “the wrong thing” to Quaid!!


Good one Funny or Die!!


I don’t know about you folks but the “Pussies” line had me in stitches!!

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