Xbox 360 Finally Gets Upgraded Hard Drive Support, but is it a Few Years Too Late?


Xbox 360 seems to be coming into the game a little late, but it looks like they finally get access to the Preview Program. Selected members can sign-up through their Xbox 360 and have the chance to install updates or check out new features before they are available for the general public.

It seems that the next upgrade that they will let Xbox 360 users test is the ability to actually use a 2TB hard drive to store data. Good news for those Xbox 360 players who are currently shuffling around games and memory, but to be honest it is probably a little late. The external drives are expensive and rather than spend the money on a new hard drive, they might as well move up to the newer system, Xbox One.

If you are a dedicated Xbox 360 player though, you might find it interesting and chose to invest in a new hard drive, but I would suggest that you hold off for a bit to make sure that all of the bugs are worked out.

The other big change they announced is that the console will no longer be reserving hard drive space in advance, that means if you have 10GB of games, the Xbox 360 will only use 0GB of space after the update.

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