Sony to Pay Vita Owners in FTC Award

ps_vita_systemIf you are a Sony Vita owner and you purchased it before June 1, 2012 then you can get either $25 cash, $25 in PlayStation Network Credit or a gaming package worth over $50 from Sony.

Last year the FTC ruled in favor of the owners of ‘misleading’ advertising for the Vita game console. According to the FTC complaint there several false claims about the Sony Vita console during the 2011 and 2012 advertising campaigns. The most notable one was regarding Vita’s cross-save and remote play abilities. The advertising led consumers to believe it covered all games, however these were function only available to certain titles.

To claim your reward you must head over to Vita Claims website, by June 29th, and complete a PDF form with details such as your console serial number and your PSN ID.

On the form you get to choose which reward option works best for you;

  • A $25 check
  • A $25 game credit
  • or one of the below gaming bundles;

PS vita bundles