Mortal Kombat X and Rock Band “System Of A Down” Join Forces for All New Trailer!!

image Heavy Metal Rock band System Of A Down has joined forces with the Mortal Kombat X video game! Also check out a sneak peek of Mortal Kombat X in full live-action with the ALL NEW trailer released by Maxim and Warner Brothers. What more can you ask for in the world of BADASSNESS then to have Mortal Kombat X teaming up with  rock band System Of A Down!! Watch as Shavo the drummer from SoaD shows some inner workings of his BTS (behind the scenes) touches to the soundtrack of Mortal Kombat X.

Here is our Mortal Kombat X preview image

Finish Him!!! Here is the OFFICIAL System Of A Down Mortal Kombat X Trailer!!

Mortal Kombat X is shaping up to become on of the best games in the series for a long time. With the introductions of special exclusive characters like Jason from “Friday the 13” and a Predator from the “Predator” movie series. Also hints of maybe Todd McFarlane’s Spawn have also been a buzz on the Internet. I will let our readers know as soon as I hear the confirmation of the Spawn news. As an added bonus I have also included a special MK X trailer released from Maxim and WB. Also a video with SoaD drummer Shavo working on the MKX trailer

Predator and Jason are in Mortal Kombat X

System of a Down’s Shavo BTS video:

As a bonus enjoy the ALL NEW Mortal Kombat X trailer released by Maxim and WB:

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