Kevin Smith and crew are going BACK to the Mall! Mallrats 2!!

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Here at PopcultHQ we first broke the news of Kevin Smith hinting at the news of one of his original cult movies was coming back with a sequel. With one word I knew just what Kevin Smith was referring to……’rat’. The gang of TS Quint, Brodie, Rene, Shannon, Brandie, Gwen, Jay and Silent Bob will raise hell once more in that place we all gather to commiserate…..the mall!!

Brodie is back!!
Brodie is back!! For Mallrats 2


“Saw some websites are reporting CLERKS III will be my last flick. I did say this at one point, but Tusk changed all that. Now, the next 2 years are booked. We shoot CLERKS III in May. The HIT SOMEBODY hockey miniseries finally follows in the fall, shooting September to Christmas 2015. Then in Feb/March 2016, we tackle MOOSE JAWS and ANTI-CLAUS. And after that? I smell a rat…” – posted by Kevin Smith.

It didn’t take too long for that ‘rat’ to manifest itself into the one of the biggest news from the Kevin Smith camp in quite some time. Not only did Kevin Smith have big news to announce, he brought out some of his friends and fellow co-stars from “Mallrats” to give everyone the fingers….yes, I said fingers! As Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker and Kevin Smith himself toss up the dubeces for the official signaling of “Mallrats 2” the movie!!

“We goin’ back to the MALL, ya’ll! Stan Lee, Jay and Silent Bob and Michael Rooker are making a number 2. Talking about in this picture, not the movie. I’m aiming for the movie to be good. (This pic was taken yesterday, as all four of us gathered to shoot a really adorable Stan-centric spot for Audi that you’ll see online as we get closer to the release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.) — with TheRealStanLee, Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith, Jay Mewes, and Michael Rooker.” – posted by Kevin Smith

Then came news once again from Kevin Smith, on his news media page Hollywood Babble On, it was reported that Shannen Doherty would be reprising her role of ‘Rene’! Also Smith hints at their being six actors from the original movie signed to the project with six to go! Who could Kevin be talking about? Jeremy London, Ben Affleck, Claire Forlani?

Shannon and Kevin


On the new Hollywood Babble On , Shannen Doherty says she’s going back to the Mall, ya’ll! This is special to me because it was Shando herself who single-handedly got MALLRATS the green-light back in ’95! So Rene returns, as the RATS roll call continues! 5 down and 7 to go! Collect ’em all! ‪#‎MR2‬ – Posted by Kevin Smith

Mallrats to me is one of Kevin’s better standout movies from his early career. Call me biased but the fact that this movie included comic book talk and the legendary Stan Lee talking about the Fantastic Four’s mammoth of a rock man known as The Thing and his rock penis…..

Only Kevin Smith, right folks? I sure can’t wait to see the original Gang causing mayhem back at the mall!! Most likely in 2016!

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