PopcultHQ Theory on Marvel Comics Secret Wars; Part One of Three “The END Of Marvel?”

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MannysPlace Theory on Marvel Comics Secret Wars; Article Part One of Three –  “The END Of Marvel?”

Marvel Is coming to The END! That’s right my fellow nerd boys and girls! I have had a theory from the very start when the Marvel Secret Wars teaser poster first began to appear on the Internet. For those that have not paid too much attention to what Marvel comics has been up to in the last few weeks (I don’t know how that is even possible) with all the teaser images along with Marvel’s Secret Wars and Battleworld  promotion all over the Internet that has all comic fans eating up the hype like fat boys eat cake.


It all started when the first major poster hit the Internet hinting to some sort of special event, we all thought was just going to be Marvel’s next yearly big storyline! Many comic fans were all a bit perplexed, happy or even annoyed at the thought of this whole new “Secret Wars” event advertised for 2015! Most long time comic fans know that Marvel has had two such Secret Wars events in its history (Secret Wars & Secret Wars II) that took place in the 1980’s pitting heroes and villains versus each other on another planet.

1984 Secret Wars series

Then just days after that we got another Marvel 2015 event teaser poster. For almost two weeks on each consecutive day we got a brand new teaser poster from Marvel revealing another 2015 event. The comic book world collectively was dumbfounded….as was I! What could it all mean?

The only thing that seemed clear to me is that Marvel will be taking us on a time travel type ride which will revisit or maybe even change almost all of Marvel’s most epic stories. All the great storylines from Secret Wars, Age of Apocalypse, Hulks’ Future Imperfect, Old Man Logan, Civil War! But some storylines seem to have changed in these promo posters like Spider-Man Family and Infinity Gauntlet which have much different storylines hinted from the promo art alone. Some of the teaser posters have completely changed the original events entirely Plant Hulks, X-Men Years of Future Past and the most bizarre to me Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies?! Then we get the glimpse into the future of Marvel and what I believe will be THE END of all that we have come to know as “The MARVEL Universe”!!

When THIS teaser poster (below) was first revealed…..it all finally became perfectly clear to me what Marvels entire plan was to be! I will explain more on that in the next installment.

It seems the head people at Marvel are only confirming my theory!

“Once you hit ‘Secret Wars’ #1, there’s no Marvel Universe, there’s no Ultimate Universe,”  – Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort


“Secret Wars” #1 — Is on track to surpass 500K in sales — arrives in May.


Be back for MannysPlace – Marvel Secret Wars theory: part two of three “Battleworld” 

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