Wizard World Fan Fest – A Cosplayers Perspective

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Wizard World Fan Fest was this last weekend and for many it was great, while others considered it a dud. If you wanted to shop, visit celebrities or get a few autographs then this was the con to go to. The crowds were low and there was a lot of space to move and browse. However, if you were there just to see the costumes, interact with the cosplayers or just to gawk, then this wasn’t the con to go to.

There were several big names on site: Caity Lotz, Norman Reedus, Laurie Holden and Kristin Bauer. Other well known names included Tracey Gold, David Faustino, Rick Cosnett and Taryn Manning. There were also several other stars with booths, many of whom took the opportunity to wander the stalls and get some shopping in for themselves. There were times when the lines seemed long, but compared to other cons these lines were small and well worth your wait. It was a smaller con, which meant that the stars were more relaxed and had more time to enjoy themselves, which was better for everyone.

wwWhen you are looking at artists several of the usual names were there such as Neal Adams, Greg Horn, Michael Golden, James O’Barr and numerous others. Unfortunately I don’t think the numbers and sales were good for them, but you had opportunity to actually take a good look at their work, see a few of them in action and maybe even talk to them. You also had lots of opportunity to get things autographed.

My favorite this trip out was Greg Horn, even if he wasn’t there this weekend he still had full representation and they did a great job.

As a cosplayer, the con definitely started out slow. Out of habit we arrived at opening and the place was empty with very few costumes, it finally started to pick up around 1pm when players started to trickle in, even then it was mostly the lower end costumes. Overall, the event was fun, but slow.

I managed to make several purchases I wanted and walked away feeling that it was a good weekend.

Stay tuned for pictures of our WW Fan Fest weekend.

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